How To Update Samsung Galaxy Y Duos With Android 4.4 KitKat ROM

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S6102) is a minimalistic Android smartphone, popular among young teens. If you are one of the Galaxy Y Duos users and would like to get a better experience with it, then rooting your device will certainly help. Rooting not only helps to access rooted apps but also it will let you use custom ROM’s with advanced Android firmware.

The tutorial we have written below is for Galaxy Y Duos users who would like to install Android 4.4 Kit Kat firmware on their device. With the help of the custom ROM “KitkatDuos”, Galaxy Y Duos users can enjoy the features of Android KitKat on their smartphone.

WARNING: We should not be held responsible for any damages that might occur to your device while following the tutorial given below. Proceed at your own risk.

Prerequisites For Updating Samsung Galaxy Y Duos With KitKatDuos ROM:

1) The first and foremost thing to do is making sure that you have rooted your device already. If you haven’t done that, you can follow our tutorial to root your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos.

2) Once you have rooted your device, take a complete backup of your personal data using appropriate applications. If the custom ROM installation process goes unsuccessful, we can use this backup for restoring your personal data.

3) If you have installed any antivirus or anti-spyware applications, uninstall them completely as they may cause trouble while the custom ROM installation process is going on.

4) Download Samsung Galaxy Y Duos USB Driver and install it on your computer.

5) Keep your battery level above 80% because sometimes the KitkatDuos ROM installation process takes few hours to get finished.

Once you have done all the prerequisites, we can move on to the main tutorial.

Tutorial To Update Samsung Galaxy Y Duos With Android 4.4 KitKat ROM:

1) Download the KitkatDuos ROM file and save it to your computer.

Update Samsung Galaxy Y Duos With Android 4.4 KitKat ROM

2) Now connect your Galaxy Y Duos device to the computer via USB cable and transfer the downloaded ROM file to SD card.

3) Once done, the switch of your smartphone. Now reboot your device into the CWM recovery mode and once you have done that, wipe your device data and cache.

4) Now install the KitkatDuos ROM in the CWM recovery mode. It will take few minutes to get completed. Once done, wipe the data and cache of your device again.

5) Now just reboot your device and wait for the KitkatDuos ROM to boot.

Galaxy Y Duos KitkatDuos ROM

That’s it. Now you have upgraded your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos smartphone to Android 4.4 KitKat based KitKatDuos ROM.

If you encounter any problems while following this tutorial, do share it with us via the comments section given below.


  1. I couldnot access keyboard while activating my account please help me with this

  2. daria para vc fazer esta rom do estilo do sasumg s4

  3. Sim, vai funcionar!

  4. Hi ,

    After update this my mobile got restart automatic

    Plz suggest..

  5. alhamdulillah dadi

  6. hello sir..
    i am ammar from india.
    after i done this process i forgot my os completely.
    showing result is installation aborted.
    please tell me the solution plzz..
    thank q..

  7. Vishal Thevalakkara says:

    Add more screen shots buddy or send it to my email.

  8. cani do thi update on samsung galaxy star duos

  9. bneerajreddy says:

    ihave installed 4.4.1 in samsung galaxy s duos after complete of my process sim card is not detecting please help

  10. bneerajreddy says:

    please help

  11. Can you please provide …(ios7 rom) for GALAXY Y DUOS gt-s6102… …Brother ..!

  12. Arthur Felts says:

    have GT-s6812i duos running s6812iZNAMD6..can I update to 4.4.4? Would really like English, not Chinese…thx

  13. There is no English based ROM available yet. Will write and publish a tutorial once it is available.


  15. This methad cqn work for samsung galaxy y duos GTS-5302

  16. Pls reply

  17. Krishna Roy says:

    is it possible to install Android Kitkat version in Samsung Galaxy GT – 5282??

  18. Krishna Roy says:

    I want to install Kitkat in Samsung GT 5282 can i do this??? pls reply ….

  19. I will post a tutorial for that shortly.

  20. Its not originally kitkat i want original os file please send me the links

  21. Hi,

    The kitkat stock firmware isn’t available for Galaxy Y Duos. You have to use this custom ROM firmware.

  22. After updating my samsung galaxy y duos gt-6102 to kitkat the network of my sim dosent shows it shows emergency calls on and on searching network it shows no network available….

    Plz help

  23. Please provide me kitkat custom rom for s duos 2 and grand neo…

  24. Hi Rahul,

    For now use this ROM. Will provide you one shortly.

  25. how can i upgrad my samsung galaxy y duos ram & internal memorey

  26. You can’t upgrade RAM. To increase internal memory, follow this tutorial:

  27. from where i can download cwm and Kernal file ???

  28. after installing rom,how to change the language ??

    Nwtwork not showing ? any solution bro ??? is this a bugs fr dis rom ???

  29. I haven’t heard of network error with this bug. But in any case, try this ROM It works far better this one.

  30. Vatsal Banwari says:

    Hi sathish bro!
    I got a question?
    Will this method works in Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite GT-S5302????

  31. καλησπερα σας,ενω εχω κανει ολη την διαδικασια,εκανα root την συσκευη,εκανα εγκατασταση του νεου λογισμικου,εχει κολλησει και δεν ανοιγει η συσκευη,ειναι κολλημενο το λογοτυπο samsung στην οθονη και δεν ανοιγει,τι να κανω για να το επαναφερω?

  32. Sir i hv done this process of installing kitkat 4.4 in galaxy y duos gts6102 just befor 2hour… I hv completed this process succefully but sir my mob screen showing its logo samsung galaxy y duos from 1 hour….. Sir suggest me what to do… Plz sir Answr my question as soon as possible ……

  33. Check your email!

  34. Πηγαίνετε στο CWM πάλι , σκουπίστε υπόλοιπο δεδομένων / εργοστάσιο , επίσης, σκουπίστε Dalvik προσωρινής αποθήκευσης από τις ρυθμίσεις για προχωρημένους και , στη συνέχεια, κάντε επανεκκίνηση . Θα είστε σε θέση να ξεκινήσει κανονικά .

  35. Nope it won’t. This method is for S6102!

  36. sir hello i am from philippines i have done all your instructions and it was successfully i upgraded my samsung gt-s6102 and then when i reboot it it was stocked it is not opening only the logo of google is displayed and it continues to restart what should i do to open my gt-s6102 please help me sir thank you.

  37. Not able to change wallpaper plus the gallery in different language

  38. I hv dne the procss instll kitkt in galaxy y its not support tha kitkat apps..its only support ginerbread apps..wat cn do bro…???

  39. Hasmukh Vaja says:

    Hi sir I m using Samsung grand neo duos I have to upgrade my phone to jelly bean 4.2 to kitkat 4.4 kindly suggest how can I upgrade my phone

  40. Will publish a tutorial shortly.

  41. vinay thakur says:

    Not able to change wallpaper plus the gallery in different language
    what can I do?

  42. vinay thakur says:

    hi satish , my phone had been successfully update with android 4.4. kitkat but only one issue (all app name is correct but gallry name is different , so what can I do?

  43. Uninstall it and reinstall it!

  44. pratik sonawane says:

    what is that

  45. Thank you very much for this ROM, I installed it on my device and it works, but it does not support the arabic language and I would like to ask you if you have any ROM or other solution to fix this problem?

    Best Regards

  46. I use. Samsung galaxy y duos…. I want to upgrade to kitkat version but i m really afraid for if anythings go wrong… I have rooted my phone… Should i do the upgrade??? Plz reply..

  47. Hey don’t worry about anything. Just follow this tutorial:

  48. RIZWAN AHMAD RJ says:


  49. the problem u r facing is called “bootloop”. this will keep rebooting and showing u the logo screen. once i installed a custom rom , it was successfully installed. but the problem started when it rebooted after rom installation. so i google it… and find the reason behind this problem… i got to know that i had forget to wipe the ‘dulvik cache’. that is why i faced that prob. to solve this i downloaded the stock rom(odin flashable), my cellphones usb driver and odin(win application to flash rom into android). i installed usb driver, connected my cellphone to the pc, opened odin. and flashed the stock rom. hurrah… my cellphone started to work. that problem was no more.

  50. Hi, I have rooted my galaxy y duos and installed custom ROM for kitkat. Its showing the samsung logo for more than an hour now after rebooting at the end of the process. Pls help.

  51. Sir i hv done this process of installing kitkat 4.4 in galaxy y duos gts6102 just befor 2hour… I hv completed this process succefully but sir my mob screen showing its logo samsung galaxy y duos from 1 hour….. Sir suggest me what to do… Plz sir Answr my question as soon as possible ……

  52. Omar Malik says:

    Hey there.
    Tell me this, is this method tested?
    Also if I factory reset my phone (GT-S102) will I get my original firmware 2.3.6 again?
    If nkot then tell how to get 2.3.6 back again.
    Im originally grying to increse my internal storage right after istalling a custom ROM and Increasing my RAM. My dad won’t buy a new phone so..

  53. Hello,
    When i try to install rom file it says that can’t open file (bad). installation aborted.

  54. Which software said that the file is bad? Is it antivirus?

  55. Iŋterŋatııoŋal Åttìtúðé ßøý PrinÇe says:

    Iv suçessfull installd andriod 4.4.2 kitkat on my samsung galaxy y dous gt-s6102B itz working amazingly and i did diz process for nearly 25-30 cells frm last month got nearly 28.000Rs fr doing it by d way thnkx fr posting this buddy…….by d way if any guyz wnt help contact me in wtssapp :-8892099035

  56. after installing the rom into my galaxy y duos, it fails to download anything saying it has insufficient memory yet there is like 100mb free. what is wrong?

  57. Mudit Sharma says:

    sir i have downloaded the kitkat rom.but i didn’t know how to install it on my y duos..provide me cwm recovery mode and instructions to install it

  58. i hv installed I can’t update the rom ( i can’t register phone). pls give me solution

  59. how to uninstall gallery sir.

  60. Arunkumar says:

    can i able to use dual sim with this rom?

  61. Yes you can!

  62. how can i install kitkat on samsung galexy dous lite plz send the step.

  63. It is Galaxy S Duos or Galaxy Y Duos?

  64. NAZIR MUGHAL says:

    Dear ,
    go to the bellow link

    1. first install SAMSUNG usb drives .
    2. start Odin3 v1.85 and set setting as picture.
    3. Switch the power off and on with Home key , Power button, volume down key.
    4. after Screen display press up volume to continue.
    5.Cable the Mobile to PC and press start in oding .
    6. after couple of munits you will get your mobile live again..
    Note:- above procedure works on samsung galaxy y duos gt-s6102

  65. ankush bajaj says:

    how can increase the ram and internal memory in Samsung galaxy trend duos and Samsung galaxy y duos
    sir pls tell me answer

  66. You can’t increase RAM, but you can increase internal memory by following this procedure:

  67. Thanks for the tip.

  68. After upgrading the phone to 4.4 the only 3g mode is lost in setting. There’s a single option “use only 2g network” and if u keep it unmarked the network will be in dual mode like 2g/3g preferred. But the option” only 3g” is not anymore displaying in settings. Can u help with this problem bro?

  69. Hi,

    That’s the only disadvantage of this ROM.

  70. hello how can i get it back to its original stock rom? thank you

  71. Sumit Lad says:

    I cant able to send SMS….. i have sufficient balance n all…. but still its showing insufficient balance…. how to change service senter no.???

  72. looking into this disadvantage i again set android 2.3 back into my mobile but still the only 3g mode option is not displaying in settings. Help me out bro to get only 3g mode back as there’s lot of disturbance in signal it automatically turns to 2g mode every time

  73. devang vaghela says:

    Hello sir,
    I have update kitkat in Samsung galaxy y yomg in successfully.but after then install font in my device and restart my phone kitkat simbole are display long time and not start any process.
    Please help me sir……..

  74. Sathish says:

    Wait for few mins. Your device will boot normally.

  75. devang vaghela says:

    No sir my device is not normally started
    But your step follow my device is normally started …
    For thank you Sir.

  76. i successfully installed the kitkat however its seems that my phone can’t send sms.

    reply plz
    need help

  77. Sir,
    I hv followed the instructions to upgrade GT6102 to kitkat 4.4. But after restart the screen is showing galaxy duos logo. Please help. Regards

  78. 4 those who had d same problem just install go sms pro app or try other messaging apps

  79. where i can get the upgrade version of glxy y duos into Kikkat version…. pls send me the link

  80. i want to download kitkat 4.4 firmware,the file is not there plz help me to download kitkat 4.4 please email me the link to download it……i am waiting for it……

  81. nandakiran says:

    i am using samsung galaxy star dous gt-s5282.just rooted yesterday.this is running on android 4.1.2.i need to upgrade to4.4 kikkat.plz send the procedureto upgrade.

  82. Sure, I will publish a tutorial shortly.

  83. jagpreet says:

    everything happen normally as in tutorial but my phone is not robooting after installing and i m not getting not started my phone plz help me quickly……

  84. jagpreet says:

    i m also plz solve my problem

  85. jagpreet says:

    my phone is showing logo and not starting //// plz help me…

  86. Sathish says:

    Wait for a few minutes. It will boot up. Or else go to CWM, Wipe cache/data and then reboot.

  87. jagpreet says:

    thank u…very much,… goes on …..

  88. Dinesh Dawani says:

    Hey I had also installed 4.4 kitkat in my samsung galaxy y duos .. Bt now i want back to 2.3.6 so pls help me .. how can i get it back my phone’s original 2.3.6 ..

  89. sourav yadav says:

    plz… help me i want to uninstall android 4.4 kitkat rom.

  90. Can i get the correct software

  91. Install rom kitkat

  92. i’ve done the process but its going to recovery mode after rebooting

  93. rajit pal says:

    snd me link of update zip and unroot zip for dous

  94. Sathish says:
  95. Nafees Khan says:

    Hey Satish! the page says that the file is infected and can be downloaded only by the owner. So please update the file over there or upload it somewhere else 🙂 thanks please do it fast as I am waiting for it!

    ~ Thanx | Nafees Khan

  96. Sathish says:

    Sure, I will do it shortly.