5 Best Android Apps For Rooted Devices

If you are an android user, then obviously you come over the term of android rooting many times. Rooting your device (check out Advantages and Disadvantages Of Rooting) will given you complete control over your device and you can do whatever you want! It is quite similar to Jailbreaking an Apple iPhone.

If you are new to the android world and don’t know anything about rooting then visit this article. I have discussed about that in a detailed manner. In this article, I am going to mainly focus on the 5 best Android apps for rooted devices.

Best Android Apps For Rooted Devices

1.    ROM Manager:

Android Apps For Rooted Devices - ROM Manager

After rooting, you are advisable to download and install this app on your device. It is very much essential to take backup, organize and restore within the android phone. Further it helps to flash the ROMs instantaneously on your phone. This ROM is available in both free and paid version. So, if you want download it, get it from the Google Play Store or Android Market.

2.    Titanium Backup:

Titanium Backup

This app not only helps you to back up your entire device but also helps to back up specific apps and data. It will be especially useful  when you install a new ROM. You can even automatically schedule the backups, move apps to the SD card and sync app data with the Dropbox or Google Drive. So, if you lose your device, you can still get your apps back once you replace it.

3.    SetCPU:


It is a great app for controlling your device’s CPU and GPU speed. With this app, you will have no need to go through the hardest part of the Linux kernel. Moreover, you can use this app in conjunction with kernels, custom ROMs or even on it’s own to do a little overclocking, undervolting or setting different profiles, so that the device utilizes it’s processor more efficiently.

4.    Wireless Tether:

Wireless Tether Android

If you want to share the wireless internet plans of your android phone, then this app will definitely help you. By using this app you can easily enable the Bluetooth tethering and Wi-Fi for rooted users. Further, you can access the data connection from your device to the PC or laptop.

This app will be extremely helpful when you are out of the city or town and are looking to connect with internet. This app is freely available in the Android Market.

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5.    Screenshot:

Screenshot Android

This app allows the user to take the screenshot of the phone’s screen. It will be extremely helpful to show someones mistake, which you have encountered during the operation of an app or program or anything in particular for which you want to take the proof. This app supports saving the pictures in JPG, PNG and BMP format.

If you think that I have missed an important Android app from the above mentioned list of “Best Android Apps for Rooted Devices“, do let me know via comments.

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