How To Find Android Device Is Rooted Or Not

How to check whether my Android device is rooted or not?” This is the common question from the people who want to root their android device or for those who have tried rooting their device. It is not easy to find manually, since there is no lights, no labels and nothing to tell that your device is rooted or not. But still there is one way to find out. In this article let me discuss about that.

What Is Root Access?

Android Device Is Rooted Or Not

The android software is based on the Linux software. In Linux, the high level operations especially the programs, which can change the system are protected by using password. If you want to use those operations, you must tell the computer that you have full authorization to use that. I mean you tell the computer that you are the “Superuser” to run such kind of commands.

When you purchase new laptop or computer you will have the root access. Since smartphones are strictly private, root access has not been standard in this case. Actually a “Superuser” would be able to control, read and edit the high-end device. To prevent the users from getting too much freedom, the mobile phone manufacturers do not allow the “Superuser” access to their smartphones by default.

Why Should I Root My Android Device?

Obviously everyone will have this question. Why should I root my device? And what is the benefit of rooting my device. Here is the answer for your query.

It will be specially useful, if you want to unlock particular function in your mobile phone.

For example:

At the first time, the android phones have come out with the LED flash for their camera. Users who want to use that as a flashlight cannot utilize that without the root access. Because it was locked by using the system password. The only way to use that option is to root your mobile or else to download the app that controls it.

Like the LED flash many things in the phone have the ability to do different things, but are not allowed to use by default. Rooting gives a way to utilize all those options.

So, now you can clearly understand what is Android rooting and what is the benefit of rooting your android phone. The next thing you need to know how to find whether your android device is rooted or not.

How To Find Out Whether Your Android Device Is Rooted Or Not

1) If you purchase a brand new phone, one thing I can assure is that it will never have the root access by default. If you want to check, go to applications in your mobile and see whether “Superuser” program is installed. If so, then your device is most likely rooted. If not, then it is not rooted.

2) If you are not still unsure, then download theRoot Checkerapp from Google Play Store or App Market. It will easily find and tell you whether your device is rooted or not.

3) Apart from the “Root Checker” app you can even download the “Terminal client” from the android market and install the same on your phone. Basically it is a text-based window which lets the users to run commands on Linux devices such as android phone and tablet. Upon opening, if you are prompted with the pound sign (#), then your device is rooted. Instead of that, if dollar sign ($) is prompted then your device is not rooted.

Alternatively, just type the “date” and press enter. If the date is not displayed, then the “terminal client” does not work. So, download and install another client then try again (Hundreds of terminal clients are available in the market). Or else, type the “su” command without the quotes. If your device is rooted, the next line will display the pound sign (#). If it is not rooted, it will never recognize the “su” command. Type “exit” to close the program. That’s it!

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By following the above three method, you can easily identify whether your Android device is rooted or not!

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