How To Root Samsung Galaxy S-III I9300 Smartphone In XXALE8 Firmware

Like other Samsung phones, the Galaxy S-III smartphone too have many variants. This article gives the step-by-step instructions to root Samsung Galaxy S-III I9300 device. So, if you are using such kind of device make use of this tutorial.

Please be aware that rooting voids your device warranty. But don’t worry you can reclaim the same by applying the original update or stock firmware. You must follow the given below prerequisites for successful rooting.

DISCLAIMER : We should not be held responsible if anything goes wrong to your device by following the given below procedure. Do everything at your own risk.

Root Samsung Galaxy S-III I9300 Smartphone


  1. First make sure about your device model. Don’t implement this procedure in other model or it may brick your device. To check your device model go to “Settings>About Phone>Firmware”
  2. Next backup all your personal stuffs in your device. Since rooting wipes all your data’s, it is advisable to take backup of everything.
  3. Next charge your device fully or at least up to 75% so that your mobile won’t get switched OFF during the process.
  4. Next disable and uninstall all the antivirus and security suites in your computer, so that it won’t affect the rooting process.
  5. Finally, enable USB debugging in your Samsung Galaxy S-III I9300 smartphone from the path “Settings > Developers > USB Debugging”. Make sure that option is ticked.

So, once you followed all the aforementioned steps, proceed to the procedure below to root your device.

Procedure To Root Samsung Galaxy S-III I9300 Smartphone In XXALE8 Firmware:

  1. First download the Rooting package and Odin to your computer.
  2. So, once you downloaded the two files extract the rooting package to get the tar file.
  3. Next, Open Odin in your computer. Once done, turn OFF the device so that it can be entered in the download mode.
  4. To enter into the download mode you must press the Volume down button and Center button, and while holding both buttons simultaneously press the power button until the green robot appears on the screen.
  5.  The green robot shows that your Samsung Galaxy S-III I9300 smartphone entered into the download mode. In case, it doesn’t appear your device will be still in the normal mode and you need to retry the same process.
  6. Once you are sure that your device entered into the download mode, connect the phone to the computer. Ater that the ID:COM section in Odin turn yellow which will indicate that your device is successfully connected to the computer.
  7.  Next, click on the “PDA” and select “CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0” file and click on “Start” button to start the rooting process.
  8. Once your device is rooted, the device will reboot automatically. When the home screen appears, disconnect your phone from the computer.
  9.  In case, if you get force close errors, then turn off your device and enter into the recovery mode by pressing Volume up key+Center button and while holding both the buttons press the power button simultaneously.
  10.  In the recovery mode select the “Wipe data/Factory reset and Wipe Cache partition” and then reboot your device by selecting the “reboot system now” option.
  11. Also, if in case the rooting process gets stopped due to any reason just remove and reinsert the battery and follow the process from the start. That’s it!

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