Pros And Cons Of Android Rooting

If you have an android phone, then probably you familiar with the term “rooting”. Before going to discuss about it’s advantages and disadvantages, I would like to share what is mean by rooting and what is android.

What Is Android?

Basically, it is the open source software of Google. At present the cell phone market is overwhelming with the android phones. Every cell phone manufacturers can change the Android operating system according to their convenience. But they don’t give the permission to utilize all the functions. If the user wants to use that, then they must root their device.

Pros And Cons Of Android Rooting - Google Android

What Is Android Rooting?

Android Rooting is the process of giving full permission to the user to access all the functions in their android phones. Once rooted, the user can have full control over many features and settings. For example, they can easily install the custom ROMs, apps, etc. Also, rooting will increase the battery life, internal space of SD card, speed, performance, etc.

Now the question may arise “Whether rooting the android phone is right or wrong?”. Well, read its advantages and disadvantages below and decide by yourself.

Advantages Of Android Rooting:

1. Custom themes:

After rooting you can fully customize your themes in your android phone. You can download thousands of custom themes, which are available freely on the internet. It gives your mobile a different look.

2. Custom ROMs:

Basically the ROM is the software that runs the android devices. Many custom ROMs are available in the market with impressive features. You can manually install those ROMs in your device. It makes your phone looks different as well as to perform better. Moreover, when compared with original stock ROMs these custom ROMs are user-friendly.

3. Free Internal Storage:

People who have low internal memory in their device can transfer their apps to the SD card after rooting the phone. If internal space is more, then you can download more apps and songs on your device. Many applications are available to provide that option by default. But if you want to force your app by creating the symlink, then you have to go for the app that works only on the rooted phone.

4. Run Special applications:

After rooting your device, you can install many special applications that requires the root access. When compared with the normal apps, the special apps gives you more features since it directly deals with the system files.

5. Android Version:

Once you root your device, you can easily upgrade your mobile phone to the latest android version before they are officially announced. This feature helps the people who want to stay up to date in technology.

Other features:

With the help of rooting, the user can utilize many locked features. For example, after rooting the user can use the Wi-Fi threading. Further, you can run a special app called “Superuser” in your device after rooting. The Superuser allows you to control which app have access to the root system.

So, these are the advantages of rooting android device. Nothing was perfect and some disadvantages are also associated with android rooting. Let’s discuss about that below.

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Disadvantages of Android Rooting:

1. Bricks your phone:

One of the main reason not to encourage Android rooting is, it may brick your device. Bricking will affect the phone software so that the phone cannot able to perform it’s function.

2. Void’s Warranty:

If you root your device, it immediately voids the warranty of the device. But don’t worry as you can get it back by flashing the stock ROM or original ROM.

3. Viruses:

When you attempt to root your device, there is a risk of installing malicious software in your phone. Although malicious software on the rooted phone has not been creating a big problem yet, it may arise in the future.

I hope that by learning the pros and cons of Android rooting, you will be able to take a better decision to root your device.

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  1. It was use full but then still doubt is not clear on the point “bricks your device” i.e my question is if phone bricks can i get my original condition of my phone ? Pls reply.

  2. First know the appropriate meaning of the word “brick”. While or after rooting, in case your phone was bricked it never “Turn ON”. No matter how hard you try. At that situation you cannot get back the original condition of your phone. But don’t worry bricking your phone is pretty rare. Just make sure you are following the right tutorial to root your phone before implementing the same on your phone.

  3. Bricking a phone doesn’t mean it becomes unusable. you can easily repair bricked phones. for SGY you can use odin for xperia phones flashtool.


  5. respected sir ,

    my friend said that if you rooted yureka mobile , then you cannot get any mobile updates . it is true or not .

    please clear my doubt

  6. Yes, he is right. You won’t get OTA updates, if you root your smartphone.

  7. I want to know how to get warranty back of phone after rooting, please suggest me proper steps for unite 2 ..thank u

  8. Just unroot your device. That will help you to get back your device warranty.

  9. Ya ..but just help me for unroot so that to avoid any problem ..step by step