What Is Android Rooting?

If you are the admin of Windows machine, definitely you can access the whole operating system and can do whatever in that. Exactly, the same thing will happen, if you root the android smartphone. Once you root your device, you can fully access your mobile phone and can come over all the restrictions and limitations applied by the carrier or manufacturer.

Apart from this, you can increase the speed and performance of the mobile device with the help of rooting. To perform this, you should backup your current software and then flash/install custom ROMs (ROM is the modified version of the android).

Android Rooting: How To Root Android Device?

What Is Android Rooting

Before trying to root your device, I personally advise you to do some research on Android forums. Make sure that the steps and guides provided by the particular website are really worth. I assure that we at Android Root Guide, gives you the best and useful tutorials for all kind of devices and carriers.

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Android Rooting: Pros

If you root your android smartphone, you will get the following features.

  • It allows you to set up wireless tethering even though it has been disabled by default.
  • You can easily access the whole file system.
  • You can easily install the apps that requires root privileges.
  • It helps you to flash the custom ROM in your device.
  • It increase the tablet or phone’s performance.
  • It will allow you to add the extra features to your device.
  • It will provide an easy way for you to accept or deny the application permissions.

Apart from the above mentioned features, many apps allows you to automatically backup all your data’s when you root your device. For example: Some applications will let you to automatically backup all your data, block the advertisements completely, create secure connections to the internet and make your device a wireless hotspot.

Android Rooting: Cons

1. Voids the device warranty:

Once you root your device the first thing it will do is, void your device warranty. But don’t worry as you can unroot your device back by flashing the original backup ROM and reclaim the warranty.

2. Brick your device:

Whenever you root the device, you are taking the risk of bricking your phone. This is why everyone hesitates to root their phone. You can avoid this by following the right instructions and guidelines. You are not supposed to attempt the instructions unless you know what it does mean. Before trying to root the device ensure that the instructions are specifically for your phone model and manufacturer. Because it obviously vary for every devices.

3. Security risks:

The Android Rooting process may create security risks. It depends on what apps or services you are using on your device.

Prerequisites For Rooting:

  1. Before starting to root your android phone, make sure that the source you are having is really worthy and specifically created for your device model. Better ask suggestion to the other via online. If others state that the tutorial works without errors, then you too try it in your device.
  2. Before starting the rooting process, take backup all your data’s completely because after rooting you may lose your data’s. So, it is advisable to be on a safer side.
  3. Once you backup your data’s, charge your device fully so that it never turned off in between the process.
  4. Next ensure that the USB Debugging is ON in your device.
  5. Most of the rooting methods require you to install some software on the computer. For that you need to install android SDK or some other software. So, follow the given instructions properly and install it correctly.

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  1. Sir, i just afraid to loss my data and can i unroot my phone Samsung galaxy S duos after rooting ??

  2. Don’t be afraid. Use helium app and take backup. After rooting, if you have lost the data, you can recover with the backup. Yes, you can always unroot your device by flashing stock firmware!

  3. Hey,
    I want to root my samsung galaxy s duos S7562.
    Can u help me to get the best tutorial so i can root it easily.
    Thanks alot 🙂

  4. hi sir,this is sasi. how to root my samsung galaxy s duos for gaming perpose pls sir tell me

  5. Hey.
    Im thinking of rooting my Samsung Galaxy S Dous.
    I currently have only one SD card.
    If I root my phone using that SD card, will all the data on the SD card get erased as you said that there is a chance of data loss during rooting.
    Also if I delete the software used for rooting/installing custom rom/installing CWM after is done, will that affect my phone’s rooting or the installed rom?

  6. sir how can I root my device Samsung galaxy star GT-S5282 ..
    can u help me

  7. Dear sir,
    I have a problem in my karbonn a5, I cannot make call or use internet. Whenever I make a call it use to disconnect itself and even the internet signal doesn’t appear is there any way that i can repair it by myself… Will it work if I flash stock it?

  8. can u please give me the link download the original stock rom so i can flash it in my phone..