How To Backup Your Android Contacts

If you are a android user, and want to update or root your device, then you are highly recommend to backup your datas like SMS, MMS, contacts, Videos, Music, Images etc.Because, the rooting process and updating process will wipe your data completely. So, we strongly advise you to backup your data. If you have backup then you can recover them all by using that. It will also help when you lose your mobile or buy a new mobile and want to upload all your contacts in your new mobile phone.

In this article, I mainly concentrate on how to backup the contacts on mobile phone. So, let’s start to see how to do:

The good part of android operating system is you can easily linked your contacts to the Gmail from your android phone.

Backup Android Contacts

  • To verify this first go to your Gmail account.
  • Press the drop down Icon the contacts will appear.

If you saw your contact list from the phone in that list you are finished. Google has already backedĀ  your contacts. If you did not find your contacts there are some thing you need to do.

Follow the given below steps to sync your contacts:

1. First go to the phone settings.
2. Next scroll through the menu and press the tab says “Backup and Reset” .
3. Next, ensure that the back up my data tab is checked, and if it is not, check it immediately.

This will ensure that your contacts are backed up automatically. Once you add your contact to your phone it will automatically get synced with your Gmail account.

Alternative way to backup the android contacts:

1. Open the contact list on your android phone
2. Next tap the menu button from the contact list
3. From the list just tap the import/export tab. There, you can find the import and export options. Do, whatever you want. That’s it.

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