How To Root HTC One X Smartphone

The HTC One X smartphone is one of the awesome smartphone released by HTC. If you want to root this smartphone then follow our given below tutorial. Rooting allows you to update many custom ROMs and to access rooted apps. Please keep in mind that rooting procedure will void your HTC One X smartphone warranty.

But don’t worry you can reclaim the same by unrooting the device. Have a look on the given below pre-requisites before you start to follow the procedure.


Pre-requisites to root HTC One X:

1.The first and foremost thing I always suggest to everyone is to backup all the internal data in your smartphone. Eventhough anything goes wrong you can easily recover them with the help of backup.

2.So, once you backup everything charge your device fully or atleast upto 75%.

3.Next disable or uninstall all the antivirus suites both in your Motorola Defy and your computer.

So, once you have done all the above mentioned instructions head over to the procedure section. Please note that the given below procedure is only for HTC One X smartphone. So, don’t try the same in other model numbers even in HTC One X+. If you do so, your device may get bricked at the end.

Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible/liable if any damage occur to your device by following the given below procedure. Do, everything at your own risk.

Procedure to root HTC One X smartphone:

a) Unlocking the Bootloader of HTC One X: Go to the HTC Dev website and select “All other supported models” from the drop-down “select your device” list. At this time, the HTC One X does not have its own entry for some reason. So, just follow the onscreen instructions.

b) Download the file: So, once you unlocked the bootloader just download the necessary files from here. It doesn’t matter if your computer uses Linux, Mac or Windows since it contains all the executables you need.

c) Unzip the file: Once you downloaded just unzip the same using Winzip, WinRAR or whatever you use for the extracting zip files. Extract all the files to a folder on your desktop. It will be easy for you to access. The file name will be irrelevant so just rename the same as your wish.

d) Plug your phone in: By using the original USB cable just connect your HTC One X to the computer.

e) Enable the USB Debugging mode: After that go to the Settings option in your HTC One X. From there navigate to the Developer options and then USB debugging. There just see whether the USB debugging option is enabled. If not then do it now. After that bring down the notifications bar from the top of the display, click on USB connection type and select the charge only option.

f) Run the files: Now, select the downloaded files which you have already placed in the desktop and then pick one of the following options depending on which operating system you are using on your computer.

If you are using the Windows operating system then choose “root.bat”, if you are using the Linux operating system then choose “” for Mac choose “”. Double click the file that’s it. The relevant script will do all the remaining job.

During the process the HTC One X smartphone will reboot after a few minutes. This is normal, so don’t be panic just allow the phone do what it has to until the script is installed, granting you root access and the custom ROM options opens.

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