How To Root Motorola Defy With SuperOneClick Method

Motorola Defy was new era in smartphone with its durability. It is a favorite smart phone for many users. So, if you are one among that and want to root your phone then follow the given tutorial. This method helps to root the device by using Superoneclick method.

How to root Motorola defy

Pre-requisites to root Motorola Defy:

1.First take a backup of all your internal data from your Motorola Defy smartphone with the help of backup applications. Since, rooting procedure will wipe the data you can easily recover them all with the help of backups.

2.Next charge your Motorola Defy smartphone fully; otherwise charge upto 70% to avoid the risk of your smartphone getting switched OFF during the middle of the process.

3.Next temporarily disable or uninstall all the antivirus suites in your smartphone as it may disturb while rooting the device.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. We will not be held responsible/liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

Procedure to root Motorola Defy:

1.First, download and install the USB drivers from here to your computer.

Download for 32 bit Windows | Download for 64 bit Windows


2.So, once you installed the drivers in your computer restart the same.

3.Next, shut down the Motorola Defy smartphone and restart it while keeping the Volume Up button pressed. This will get your phone into the bootloader mode.

4.Next with the help of USB cable connect your phone and the computer. It’s bootloader drivers will automatically get installed.

5.Now, again restart your computer.

6.Simultaneously restart your phone normally into android this time.

7.Connect your phone to your computer and allow its normal drivers get automatically installed.

8.Ensure the USB debugging option is disabled on your Motorola Defy.

9.Download the Superoneclick tool from here and save it on your computer desktop.


10.After that open the file by right clicking on it and select “Run as Administrator“.

11.Click the Root option; it will say “waiting for a device……”

12.Now, enable the USB debugging option on your phone in Settings>Applications>Development.

13.After that wait for some time until you see a message on your computer saying “Device is rooted”.

14.Reboot your phone now that’s it. Now, you have done what you want.

Now, you can install thousands of apps to your phone which require root access. Just install the custom recovery image in the rooted phone to perform a range of advanced operations and even flash a custom ROM to your phone.

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