How To Unroot the HTC One X Smartphone

If you already root the HTC One X smartphone, but worrying of voiding manufacturer warranty and you want to get them back or if you want to return your HTC One X to the carrier you need to unroot your device. For unrooting you need to follow the correct procedure so then you can get back your warranty. Here is the simple and useful procedure to unroot the HTC One X smartphone.

By unrooting you simply install the stock ROM, stock bootloader and relock the bootloader. Before start to proceed with the actual procedure have a look on the given below pre-requisites. So, then you can successfully unroot your HTC X One.



1. Compatibility:

The given below procedure is only for HTC One X smartphone. So, don’t try to implement the same in another models or variants. If you do so; finally your smartphone will bricked.

2. Backup:

As this procedure will wipe all your apps and internal datas; we advise you to take backup of all the datas and apps which you feel it is more important or confidential.

To backup your custom ROM and kernel I recommend you to do Nand Backup from recovery. This will allow you to restore both the kernel and custom ROM.

Next to backup the apps use something like Titanium Backup.This will allows you to restore the apps one by one and also allows you to restore the same apps and data on different ROM’s.

3. Uninstall the security programs:

Once you backup everything disable all the antivirus and firewall from your computer as well as uninstall the same from your HTC one X smartphone. So, that it won’t interrupt the process.

4. Enable the USB debugging:

Go to the Settings path in your smartphone and from there navigate to Applications>Development>USB debugging and enable that option. Ensure that the USB debugging option is ticked.

5. Charge the battery:

Finally, once you have followed all the above mentioned instructions let your HTC One X phone to charge fully or else atleast 75%. So, then your smartphone won’t get switched OFF in the middle of the unrooting process.

Once your device charged fully unplug the same and start to implement the given below procedure to unroot.

Disclaimer: We will not be held responsible/liable if any damage occur to your device by following the given below procedure. So, do everything at your own risk.

Procedure to unroot the HTC One X smartphone:

1.Initially, you need to download the file. So, download the same from here.

2.And also download the ES file explorer app from the Google Play Store and run the app on your phone.

3.Once you downloaded the OneXUnroot zip file unzip the same and keep it in a folder.

4.Next go to Menu>Settings and ensure whether the “Root explorer” and “Mount File System” are checked ON.

5.After that choose the “Favorites” and then hit “/”.

6.After that browse to /system/bin/and/system/xbin/ directories and delete any files named “su” if they exist.

7.Now, in/system/app/directory erase the Superuser.apk file.

8.Next reboot the phone into the bootloader mode by pressing the Volume Down button and Power button simultaneously.

9.After that choose the “fastboot” and hit the power button and then connect your HTC One X smartphone to your computer using original USB data cable.

Then open the command prompt and type the following:

cd downloads
cd oneXunroot

10.If you are using the windows computer then type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

11.Instead of windows; if you are using the Mac computer just type:

chmod 755*
./fastboot-mac flash recovery

12.If you are using the Linux computer then type:
./fastboot-linux flash recovery

13.After that do a factory reset in stock recovery to clear all the apps and the personal settings.

14.Press the Volume down button and Power button together for upto 20 seconds. Then choose the “recovery” and hit the Power button. You will see that the HTC One X has been “Relocked”.

15.Now, press the Volume Up button and Power button together until you the blue menus, it is nothing but the stock recovery. There, you need to choose the “Wipe data and factory reset option”.

16.Then click the option “YES” to proceed further. Once the wiping is completed reboot your device. That’s it.

17.After that your HTC One X phone will be unrooted and your manufacturer warranty will get back soon.

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