How To Update Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 To Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Taste Custom ROM Firmware

Are you a Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone user and do you want to update your phone with android 4.1.2 Jelly bean taste firmware? Then you are at the right place. Below, I have given a guide with the entire process for updating Samsung Galaxy Y firmware to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.


  1. The updating process wipe your data from your phone. So, we advise you to take backup of everything. Here is the few list what should you have to backup before start to update:
  2. If you already have a custom recovery installed on your phone then we recommend you to take backup by using that since it creates a complete image of your existing phone setup.
  3. Next charge your device fully or up to 75%. Because, if the battery level is low it will get Switched OFF suddenly while the ROM is installed or the firmware is updating and if that happens, your phone might get bricked or get dead permanently. So, to avoid that we recommend you to charge your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone fully.
  4. Next enable the USB debugging mode in your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone is ticked (Check marked).
  5. Next uninstall or disable the antivirus apps both in your computer and smartphone. Otherwise, it will interrupt with the updating process.
  6. Make sure your phone is rooted and have ClockworkMod recovery installed from before. If you haven’t rooted your device, follow this tutorial: Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360.
  7. Next perform a Dalvik Cache wipe from the recovery mode.
  8. Finally, download and install the USB Driver for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone.

DISCLAIMER: Follow the given below instructions properly. We should not be held responsible/liable if anything happens wrongly to your device. So, do everything at your own risk.

Update Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 To Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Procedure To Update Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 To Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Using Taste ROM:

  1. First download the Taste ROM for Galaxy Y from here to your computer.
  2. Next connect your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone to the computer using USB cable.
  3. Next copy and paste the downloaded zip file to your SD card root and not in any other folder.
  4. Then turn OFF your phone and disconnect from the USB cable.
  5. After that enter into the recovery mode. You can do that by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home + Power buttons together.
  6. Next wipe data by selecting “wipe data/factory reset”. To select this option, use the power button.
  7. Then perform wipe cache by selecting “wipe cache partition”. It is optional. But we recommend you to do, so that you won’t get boot loops or any other errors. From CWM recovery, go to ‘advanced’ and then select “wipe dalvik cache”.
  8. After that go to the main recovery menu and select “install zip from SD card” and choose ROM package which you have saved in the SD card with the help of Power button.
  9. Confirm the installation on the next screen and the installation procedure will start.
  10. After the installation completes, go to “Go Back” option and reboot your phone by selecting the “reboot system now”.
  11. Since, it is the first reboot it will take more time so please be patient until your device starts.

That’s it! Now, your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone have Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware with the help of Taste ROM. Enjoy! If we have helped you, share this tutorial on your social media accounts to thank us!

89 thoughts on “How To Update Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 To Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Taste Custom ROM Firmware

  1. i have instaed the above software it’s working . but an error appeared “The application Samsung Keypad (process” has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again.

    please show me the way . i cant text anything . keypad is not appearing on screen. pease help me

  2. To restore the previous one, you need to have a backup of that software, unless you can’t.

  3. Hey I installed jelly bean software on my samsung galaxy y and now everything on my phone is working properly except my phone keeps restarting everytime i make or receive calls. What should I do?

  4. unless you have the backup of your previous software you cannot restore. In case, your old software is stock ROM you can get them by unrooting your phone. If it is custom ROM then you must have a backup of that ROM or need to update the software again.

  5. plenty of backup apps are available on Google Play Store. So, install the one which is convenient for you to backup the software.

  6. Go to Setting > Wireless and Networks> Mobile Networks > Network mode. Change the network to GSM. Thereafter, the mobile will not restart after make or receive the call.

  7. i followed the procedure as given but after reebot system now a round circle type logo is apperaing in blue colour and on it its wrriten cynogenmod plzzz tell me how do i slove this problem ok

  8. Hi, i am using the galaxy y GT S5360 at the time of updating it has been successfully update but in screen its only showing cyanogenmod, what should i do.
    Pls let me know.

  9. Well this is a custom ROM, you may need to reboot your device manually for the first time after installing this ROM.

  10. Hi Raj Keshari!

    Please make sure you have done the following things right; while you update your phone.

    1. Downloaded the original firmware from “”
    2. Turned ON the device properly to go into the ODIN Mode
    3. Had given all the required file directories asked by the ODIN tool.
    4. Finally, you did not get any error message while downloading the firmware into your phone.

    If you have done all the above mentioned things correctly, your phone will be started after 10 times blinking of the Samsung LOGO.

  11. It is unpredictable Raghav, so if it doesn’t reboot automatically for the first time, you may do that manually.

  12. If you have a backup of your previous ROM you can restore that, otherwise you need to install that again.

  13. Hi Seth, if it is not booted, then do that manually, open your phone’s battery and wait for 5 minutes and then again reconnect and reboot your phone once again.

  14. I have the same problem. I did the procedures as for taking my battery out and reconnecting but the problem still persists. I need your urgent help

  15. Hi . I installed android 4.1.2 but after reboot it show “caynogenmod”. Now what can I do?

  16. Im using samsuang galaxy y i have rooted and had installed kitkat..cyanocream4 yesterday.nd today installd jelli bean but.did some mistake i think..nd it is stopped nd when we switch on it will showing.

  17. I instaled dis rom BUT THEIR ws 2 bugs 1 keypad and playstore . . . I un instal both. .nd downlod new keypad . .nd its work. . .but play store. . .is nt workng. .i use other app downloders. .
    My bad. . i do partition memery card without back up . .all files are dlted. . I move system files using link2sd . .so all software files are missed. .nw i have only cwm requvery, . .nd cnt be back up nd restore. . .nd. .pc is not connecting. .[reson usb debug nt used] . .cn i flash stock firmware through cwm requvery. .

  18. Un instal keypad nd. .downlod another type of keypad and install it and use input methed us downloded keypad. . . .

  19. Hi Akhil,

    I think we can do that but I haven’t tried it yet. Let me try it with my device and I will let you know how it goes!

  20. If you haven’t installed CWM, you can’t do this. Flash CWM via Odin and then try this procedure.

  21. i did the same but as other said it repeatedly moving the cynogen……….
    again i do the manual booting but samething i installed the custom rom again.

  22. After installation i restarted my phone it is showing welcome screen(Samsung galaxyY young gt-s5360) from 45 minutes but it didn’t go to next screen what is the problem text me please,
    text me the next procedure

  23. i try to install jelly bean to my galaxy y. But at the last stage its in cynogenmode, now
    what will do

  24. For all those who are getting CyanogenMod boot animation, follow the procedure given below:

    1) Download the ROM package to your computer and open the .zip file (don’t extract it). Once done, move over to the folder “System -> Media” and in it delete the “Boot Animation” file.

    2) Once done, close the file and follow the procedure given above. It will work!

  25. i have done it but still its stucked on Samsung galaxyY young gt-s5360 logo.. plss tell me what to do i really need to switch on my phone..

  26. What is CWM & what is Odin?? And how do I backup my original/stock ROM of Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 2.3.6 Gingerbread??? And does stock ROM of Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 2.3.6 Gingerbread of my friends phone will be same as mine?

  27. hey satish, i want to increase my internal memory in galaxy y s5360.. please do reply asap.. with in very clear steps

  28. I have rooted my phone installed the package all the procedures I have done but at last stage my phone is showing Samsung GT-S5360 for 3 hours. What shall I do now..?? Plz.. help I need to switch on my phone

  29. without PC will it work as I belong to a poor family and can’t afford a PC. Please help me. I urgently wants to switch on my phone

  30. Bro I had installed lollipop on galaxy y gt s5360… Now I want to install jellly bin 4.1.2!!! Is that possible or working??? And play store is running normally in 4.1.2 jelly bean????Please answer me?

  31. Just follow this tutorial to install Jelly bean firmware. And yes, Google play store works well on Jelly bean.

  32. sir my phon Samsung galaxy y duas lite GT S 5302 has ram 289 MB

    i wants t change android 2.3.6
    t jelibean

    which i should preferred

  33. After installation i restarted my phone it is showing welcome screen(Samsung galaxyY young gt-s5360) from 45 minutes but it didn’t go to next screen, i didn’t able to go recovery mode and usb connection.. what is the problem text me please,
    text me the next procedure

  34. Can it possible on galaxy y gt5360…bcz it have only 289mb of ram nd 190mb of internal memory…

  35. my mobile is not working now it just shows the welcome screen and stays no more from then please help me what to do now??

  36. I installed the new jelly bean version the has started but keypad is not working an error message on screen that samsung keypad has stopped unexpectedly plz try again..what i do now???

  37. Hi Sathish,

    I have rebooted my Samsung Galaxy Y GTS-5360 with Jelly bean. I followed the procedure as stated in your site. But the mobile in rebooting after the installation. I have removed the battery and tried again. But no use again. Mobile just in the same screen showing the the symbol of samsung in screen

  38. my samsung galaxy Y GTS-5360 showing full signal without sim card,and automatically on and off within 5 sec

  39. Hi I followed the above steps but after rebooting its showing CyanogenMod loading page for about 1 hour and nothing else is coming… What to do???

  40. Hi I followed the above steps but after rebooting its showing CyanogenMod loading page for and nothing else is coming… What to do???

  41. hi , i want to install kitkate android in my samsung galaxy y ….
    does it is safe??????????????

  42. If the ROM is safe, then you can try it. As far as I know there is not KitKat based ROM available for Galaxy Y. If you come across anything, share it with us.

  43. Hi! Sathish,
    I am using Samsung Galaxy Y model. I have given my mobil for service and they upgraded the OS. Now i could not able to install new application. It says that the mobil space is insufficient. I asked the same with service people and they says that the upgraded version accompanies more space and it could not be downgraded.

    Is it possible to restore with master OS?