How To Backup SMS, MMS And Call Logs to Gmail

When you have an Android phone, it will be easy to move the data like email, contacts and applications, but in terms of transferring or backing up SMS, MMS and Call register, the process gets little bit difficult.

But by using the Backup message & call to Email Android app, you can easily move them to your Gmail account. This awesome Backup message & call to Email was created by the Lucky dog. It is absolutely free and will work great on your android phone. Let’s find out the features of this app and a guide to use it effectively.

Backup message & call to Email Android App

Features Of Backup message & call to Email App:

1.Backup and Restore the SMS and MMS to/from Gmail.

2.Backup and Restore the Call logs

3.Auto Backup

4.Hide the application icon

5.Open app from the system dialer

6.Configure how many items to backup

7.Gmail XOAuth support, etc.

Installation Process:

1.First open the Google Play store on your mobile and search for “Backup message & call to Email”. Or else you can visit this link.

2.Next tap the correct entry and tap install.

3.Again tap accept and download option.

4.Now, allow the installation process and wait until it get finished.

Set up:

1.First, when you open the application, you will see a main window as given in the below picture.

Backup SMS, MMS And Call Logs to Gmail

2.Tap the option “Please setup the Gmail first“. This will allow you to configure the backup by connecting to your account.

How To Backup SMS, MMS And Call Logs to Gmail:

1.Once you have installed the app, go back to the main menu and tap the features you want to backup.

2.Once you select the options, tap the backup button. That’s it! The backup process will begin.

3.By default, the app will automatically backup 100 of each item. The maximum number of items you can backup at a time is 200. In case, you want to backup more than that it will take some time.

4.Once the backup is completed, go to your Gmail id and look for the Calls and Message.

5.Both the SMS and MMS will be located in the message folder.

How To Restore:

1.If you want to restore your saved data, then tap the more button on the main screen of the app.

2.Next tap the restore button.

3.Wait for the restore to complete.

4.That’s it! Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “How To Backup SMS, MMS And Call Logs to Gmail

  1. Hi
    I was using xolo phone earlier and the call history, sms history gets activated automatically into my gmail account as a new tab. now i have micromax canvas gold and that feature is not there in gmail. need your advice in this regard.

  2. If you have added a Gmail account during the pre-setup process, may you need to check for the sync option. You might not have enabled it.

  3. Dear Sathish,
    I have Micromax Canvas 2 Plus (A110Q) and phone is running fine. But it has some problems.
    1. Wifi not working
    2. Bluetooth not working
    3. Camera not working

    For the above reasons, I gave it to some technician in my location, he could not solve the problem, and after receiving it back, I found that the sims are working but no network. Means, I am able to read the SIM NAME (like Airtel, Idea) and able to read the contacts from BOTH sims. But No SIGNAL.

    It shows the error ::
    Emergency Calls only – AIRTEL
    Emergency Calls only – IDEA

    and some times ::
    No Service – Airtel
    No Service – IDEA

    For this problems, is there any person to solve my issue ?

    Thanks in advance


  4. Hi Murthy,

    I think you could fix this problem by installing the stock ROM firmware again. If you are not sure about how to do it, let me know. I will publish a tutorial here.