Helium – An App To Take Complete Backup Of Android Phone Without Root

In this, tutorial I me going to explain how to back up the android phone with the help of Helium application. If you have many important files, data, pictures or videos in your android mobile, then you are advisable to take a backup of your android phone.

In order to take the backup you will need the root access. Titanium app is best to back up your stuffs over the rooted phone. Still there is a way to back up the android phone without root access.

You heard me right. Even if you don’t have root access, it is possible to take complete backup of your Android phone using Helium app (formerly known as Carbon app and the name was changed due to trademark issue). Both the free version and premium version of this app are available.

Helium application can back up all your files, apps, data’s to your SD card or PC or cloud storage like Google Play Store (the cloud storage option is available only for premium version of the Helium app).


Apart from backing up, you can easily restore the data’s with a single click. Moreover, you can even set a daily backup schedule on your android device. The automatic backup will occur after the schedule is properly set on your android smartphone.

Features of Helium free version:

1.Backup and restore from PC.

2.Backup and restore to SD card.

Features of Helium Premium version:

1.Automatic Backup schedules.

2.Android to Android sync.

3.Cloud backup and restore.



6.Google Drive.


1. The Helium app is not suitable to back up the data’s from Motorola devices because, Motorola smartphones have a bug that break the android’s backup mechanism. Until this error is fixed by Motorola, Helium app will not work on such devices.

2. Some of the Sony smartphones like Xperia S and Xperia Z also does not support the Helium app. This is because, Sony disabled the backup option on those devices.

How To Backup Android Phone Using Helium App:

1.First, download the Helium app from Google Play Store into your android device.

2.Then again download the Helium desktop applications into your computer (Window, Linux and Mac).

Helium app

3.After that open the Helium app on both your computer and android device.

4.Then connect your android device to the computer using USB cable.

5.Once you have connected the device, make sure that your android device is getting detected by the computer.

6.Then select apps to back up and press Backup.

Helium application 7.Again select the backup destination.

8.To restore, select the restore and sync tab.

9.Finally, select the apps to restore and press the Restore option.


Before starting to root your android device or update your device with any custom ROM, use the Helium app and utilize its advantages. It will be extremely helpful in case if you are new to the android world.

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