How To Backup And Restore Your Android Smartphone Using Nandroid Backup

Taking a backup at right time saves you from the lot of hassle. In this tutorial I will guide you how to fully backup and restore your Android smartphone.

What is Nandroid Backup?

A nandroid backup is the backup of your android operating system from the smartphones “NAND memory”, which saved to the storage card.


Before start to flash a new ROM or firmwares to your smartphone, then it is advisable to take a nandroid backup. So, then if it anything goes wrong you can easily revert back to your previous state.

By doing Nandroid backup you are going to backup everything on your android phone except the SD card.

What is the advantage of doing Nandroid Backup?

1.You never need to worry about something you forget to take backup or some components you cannot able to take backup. Because, nandroid backs up everything on your phone.

2.You can always try out the new ROMs on your device. Because if the new ROM update goes wrong you can easily revert back to your previous ROM with the help of Nandroid backup.

3.If you want to restore your current phone; without hesitation you can do that but with the same model. After purchasing the new device you can restore your nandroid backup and now, you will get everything what you had already in the previous phone. It will be especially useful if your android phone was stolen or damaged due to any reason.

Things you should remember:

1.If you decide to restore the nandroid backup either you should restore everything or nothing. Don’t try to restore every individual stuffs.

 Warning: Eventhough the nandroid backup is well-tested and gives assurance to work on all android devices, there is a slight chance to something will not work. So, it is advisable to copy the stuff on any other thing which you don’t want to lose.

NOTE: Your apps and contacts are already backed up into the cloud by Google, so you no need to backup them again separately.


1.Before proceed with the actual procedure you must root your device. Then you must install the Clockwork recovery. Without finishing this two process you can’t perform a nandroid backup.

2.Keep in mind that the given below process will take the backup on the SD card so you must have enough free space on your SD card. It will not take the backup of the content of the SD card, so you save them separately somewhere.

3.One of the easiest way to restore or manage the nandroid backups is to use ROM Manager. You can download this app freely from the android market.

ROM Manager 4.It provides you with a GUI for installing the ROMs as well as restoring and managing the backups.

5.It never perform the actions by themselves instead it reboots the phone into the recovery after you have scheduled these actions. After that it will perform the actions automatically via recovery.

6.Sometimes, you cannot boot them due to errors. At that situations, you can use the given below direct method.

How to perform a Nandroid backup?

Nandroid 1.First, you need to boot your device into the recovery mode. If you don’t know how to do that, then launch the ROM Manager app and simply press the “Reboot into the Recovery” option.

2.Next scroll down to “Nandroid” or “Backup and Restore” option and enter it.

3.Next select the “backup” option and wait patiently until the process is complete.

4.After that reboot your phone. That’s it!

5.Now, you will have a complete backup of your phone memory which was taken on your SD card.

How to restore the Nandroid backup?

1.Just follow the first two steps of the backup process after that select the “Restore” option.

2.Now, you can able to see the list of previously taken backups.

3.Select the backups that you want to restore and tap the confirm option.

4.After that wait for few minutes until the process is complete. After that reboot your phone.That’s it!

5.Now you have restored every backups on your phone memory.

5 thoughts on “How To Backup And Restore Your Android Smartphone Using Nandroid Backup

  1. Hi
    My Optimus P970 Android version was 2.3. I Updated it’s version to 4.1 but befor that I took a backup as instruction in this page. After Updatingt it had no problem but I didn’t enjoy the Android 4.1 so I decided to return to Android 2.3. I went to recovery page and selected restore item. It processed restoring without any error or warning. After that I rebooted my device but It got stuck in LG logo and nothing was happened. Please help!

  2. hi frnds,
    i rooted my samsung s duos 7562 using app “POOT.apk”
    after installing POOT app, it asked me to download “MINISTRO ll.apk” redirecting to google play store.
    i downloaded that also then i opened POOT app & it downloaded “some binary lib or data”. after complete downloading it gives me option”press to poot” after pressing it, there came option “get/goto superuser”. i pressed it & automatically entered superuser. There i swipe to right & got a menu–>unchecked the”outdated binary files” & clicked area just above the “outdated binary files”. after few steps permisions were gurranted to superuser……..
    …..NOW I got it rooted (checked with root checker app)
    & phone is running on stock rom & i wanted to use stock rom only otherthan custom roms. BUT There are some questions to go ahead with rooted phone=======>>
    DO i got my phone completely rooted?
    DO i need to install busybox(as i am afraid that it will change system files or phone bricking…& it runs on stock rom)?
    HOW to backup all system files roms kernals etc like nandroid?
    plz help me as i an Newbie to rooting….i’ll appretiate repliers & donate readily for helpfull answers.

  3. can you give me rom stock backup of glx s duos gt-7562 ? my phone can not flash rom stock style .tar.md5 by odin. Please help me !