How To Enter Into The Recovery Mode On Any Android Device

If you are a user of android device then probably you aware of the term recovery mode. This option is usually hidden on any android device (smartphone, tablet, camera, etc.). In case, if you forget the password or pattern or don’t have any clue to recover, then you can boot your android device into the recovery mode and wipe the data/factory reset. This will delete all the data available in your android device for regular use.

You can use the custom apps to enter into the recovery mode. However, we prefer to use the key combination of your device to enter into the recovery mode, if in case your phone was locked. Because, apps won’t work on the locked device.

One of the greatest advantage of using apps is that it allows you to do many tasks on your rooted android device. For example: You can easily install any custom ROMS, system updates, etc. Along with that you can even delete the cache files or cache partition with the help of apps. Many ways are available to enter into the recovery mode on the android smartphone but each one has different option’s to enter into that.

recovery mode-android

One of the famous method to enter into the recovery mode is by powering down the android device and then boot up the phone by holding the Volume Up button and Volume Down button + Power button.

Nowadays, many smartphones are coming to the market with different features and different outlooks. So, the given below procedure may not be suitable for some phones but it works on majority of the models.

Instructions To Enter Into The Recovery Mode On Any Android Device:


1.To follow the given below procedure you must root your android smartphones. It won’t work on any unroot device.

2.First download the free Quick Boot(Reboot) application from the Google Play Store.

3.Once it is downloaded, install the same on the rooted android device either tablet, smartphone or camera.

4.On the home screen of the above mentioned Quick Boot application, you will see 4 different options which include Bootloader, Recovery, Reboot and Power Off.

5.To start first reboot the android device into the recovery mode by pressing the “recovery” option from the app screen.

6.Once the process is finished, the android phone will reboot into the recovery mode automatically.

That’s it! It is really a fastest as well as the easiest way to boot your android device into the recovery mode. It will be extremely helpful if you don’t know the key combination to enter into the recovery mode on your android device. But, the main disadvantage of this method i,; you need to root your device. Without rooting, you cannot enter into the recovery mode.

2 thoughts on “How To Enter Into The Recovery Mode On Any Android Device

  1. My Pattern has been locked,
    To many patterns attempts,
    it is not opening by using Gmail Account & password, How to root it, using key combination
    How to unlock it
    Micomax (Model – Bolt ) A-35

  2. Hi.
    I have rooted my Micromax bolt A62. After a few days, now my phone is into a boot loop.
    Have I bricked it? It was giving me loads of errors before getting into boot loop.

    Any suggestions how I can recover it?
    Did not take any backup before rooting. First timer…