How To Install Android 4.2.1 Jelly Time On HTC Desire S Smartphone

Are you a HTC Desire S smartphone user? And do you want to update your device by using android 4.2.1 Jellybean? Here is the best tutorial for you to update.

The CM10.1 powered Jelly Time android 4.2.1 is a custom ROM and comes with its own features, looks and apps. Once you apply this update to your HTC Desire S you will be able to access the internal system, inbuilt programs, factory settings, improving the battery life etc.


Since; this is a custom ROM firmware you need to root your HTC Desire S smartphone. Due to rooting, you will lost your device warranty. But don’t be panic you will reclaim the warranty by applying the stock firmware (unrooting).

To follow this procedure you need to install the custom recovery on your HTC Desire S smartphone. So, make sure you installed this on your device. If not so, then do that and then come here to update with CM 10.1 Jelly time based custom ROM.


Before start to proceed don’t skip to follow the given below instructions as it is more important to update the HTC Desire S by using CM 10.1 Jellytime based custom ROM.

1.Since the given below procedure wipe all the data’s present in your HTC Desire S smartphone. So, I highly recommend you to backup all your internal stuffs like SMS, MMS, Contacts, Files, Videos, Images, APN Settings, MMS settings, software information of your device etc… by using the appropriate backup applications. So, then if any thing goes wrong you will reclaim them with the help of backups.

2.To restore your current ROM or software use Nandroid Backup.

3.Next deactivate all the security tools like antivirus, firewall etc.. both on your computer and HTC Desire S smartphone. If you neglect to do this it may interrupt the updating process and you will get error.

4.Next enable the USB debugging mode option in your HTC Desire S smartphone. So, then you can connect your device with the computer.

5.Atlast charge your HTC Desire S fully or upto 75% to avoid the risk of your smartphone switched off during the middle of the updating process due to low battery. If it happened like that, your smartphone will get damaged. So, be safe before say sorry.

So, once you followed all the aforementioned instructions next head over to the procedure which I have given below to update your HTC Desire S smartphone with CM 10.1 based Jellytime Custom ROM 4.2.1 firmware.


This guide is compatible only to the HTC Desire S smartphone so don’t try to implement the same on to the other models or variants. Before start to update make sure about your device model. To check your device number go to Settings>About Phone.


This is just a custom ROM and not an official ROM released by HTC. Due to that it may have some minor errors. Apart from that it may go wrong, incase you not followed the procedure properly. Some steps may have some risks. So, do everything at your own risk we won’t be held responsible or liable if it is damaged your device.

Procedure to Install the CM 10.1 based Jelly Time android 4.2.1 custom ROM firmware:

1. First, download the Jellytime android 4.2.1 custom ROM firmware file from here to your computer.

2. So, once you downloaded extract the same on to your computer.

3. After that take the usb cable and connect the HTC Desire S smartphone to the computer with the help of that.

4. Once the computer recognize your HTC Desire S smartphone; copy the downloaded file or just drag the same to your phone’s SD Card.

5. After that disconnect your device from the computer and remove the USB cable from your phone.

6. After that turn off your HTC Desire S smartphone and allow it to enter into the recovery mode.

7. Now, you need to wipe the system; otherwise you will not be able to flash the ROM. So select the “wipe data factory reset” option and “wipe cache partition” option.

8. Then return to the main menu by selecting the “Go Back” option. There you need to select the “install zip from SD card” option and “choose zip from SD card” option.

9. By selecting these two option you can select the Jellytime android 4.2.1 custom ROM firmware file which you have already copied in your SD card.

10. So, select that file and flash the same on your HTC desire S smartphone.

11. Once the installation process is finished select the “Go Back” option
followed by “reboot system now” option and now you are done.

Congrats! Now, you have successfully installed the CM 10.1 based Jellytime android 4.2.1 custom ROM firmware on your HTC Desire S smartphone.

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