How To Install The Newest Firmware On Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i

Sony released the Xperia series on the year 2012. In that, Xperia Tipo is the cheapest phone and comes with android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and there will not be any official operating system for this phone yet. If you want to update your Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i with the latest firmware; follow this tutorial.

But before start to follow the actual procedure please follow the given  below pre-requisites without fail. The given below procedure is one and only for Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i. So, don’t try the same on any other variants or models. If you do so, your device may brick. So, be aware.

Xperia Tipo


1.Before start to try anything newly on your device; it is advisable to take the proper security measures. We advise you to take a complete backup of your android phone which include SMS,MMS,Contacts,Call register,Files,Images,Songs,Videos etc.

2.Along with the above mentioned data’s please note down the APN Settings, MMS Settings somewhere by following the path Applications >Settings >Wireless and Network >Mobile Networks >Access Point Names.

3.Then enable the USB debugging option on your Sony Xperia Tipo by following the path Settings > Applications > Development >USB debugging.

4.Then charge your device fully or atleast upto 80%. So, then it won’t get switched off during the middle of the process due to low battery. Incase, if it switched off your device may be bricked. So, be safe better say sorry.

5.Once, you followed all the aforementioned pre-requisites; head over to the next section where I have given the detailed procedure to update your Sony Xperia Tipo with the latest firmware.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. We won’t be held responsible for any damage occurs to your device.

Procedure to install the newest firmware on Sony Xperia Tipo:

1.First, check your firmware version (if you already have the newest one, probably you won’t need this tutorial).

2.Next download and install the latest Flashtool from here

3.Again download the latest android 4.0.4 for Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i.

4.Paste the ftf file downloaded on the third step to the folder “Firmware” included in the Xperia Flashtool.

5.Now, open the Xperia Flashtool, click on the flash and choose the downloaded firmware, then click OK button.

NOTE: At this step, if you don’t want to delete any data of your device, then uncheck the flashing userdata.sin file. All data will be saved in your Sony Xperia Tipo St21i. But saving data of your phone is not advisable because it will give some troubles to you while updating the firmware. So, better backup your data’s; as I have already said and proceed with the clean installation and then restore your personal data.

6.Next, turn off your phone when Flashtool shows pop up window, connect the phone to PC with holding volume down button.

7.After few minutes everything is finished and your phone gets the new firmware.

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