How To Move The Apps To The Memory Card In An Android Phone

The android smartphone always has a expandable memory in the form of memory card or SD card. But, it always give the preference to store the apps in the internal memory it never store them in the SD card.

Due to that, even the larger games or apps you are downloaded will also save in the internal memory. If it occupies most of the memory you can’t do anything with your phone. You cannot even store a simple thing in your internal memory. Moreover, the speed and performance of your android phone will be slow and you cannot install few more apps.

Move apps to SD card

But, you can resolve this problem by moving the apps from the internal memory to the SD card. You can move the apps; only if your android version is 2.2 or later. It is not possible on the older versions.

Before, move the apps from internal memory to the SD card you need to be very careful in certain things.

For example:

You should not move the apps which run the input devices, wallpapers, home screen widgets etc to your memory card. If you do so, it will worstly affect your android phone performance.

Many methods are available to store the apps to the memory card of an android smartphone. Here, I have dig some of those methods. So, let’s start:

Method 1:

1.First, open the app launcher on your android phone and scroll down to “Settings” and tap to open the options.

Move-apps-to-SD card

2.Next tap on “Application” followed that again tap “Manage applications” to see the installed apps.

Move-applications-to-SD-card 3.Again tap on the app and click the option “Move to SD card”. Give some time to complete the process.

Applications-move to-SD card 4.Once it has finished, then move on to the next app which you want to move to your SD card.

Method 2:

This method requires the apps2sd functionality which do not require the root access. So, you can proceed this method without rooting your android smartphone.


The apps2SD functionality has some limitations which includes:

1.You cannot fully move the app to the SD card; which means a part of the application still remains in the internal memory of your android phone. The apps footprint in the phone memory will be reduced by a factor of 2.

For example: Google Earth Size in the internal memory reduced the file size from 20.5 MB to 15.0 MB, Adobe Flash Player 10.1-12.4 MB to 8 MB.

2.The another limitation is; you cannot move all the apps at once, you can move one by one.

3.You cannot move the system apps, YouTube apps, widget apps etc to the SD card. In some phones, the adobe flash player is installed as a system app; you cannot move that too.

4.This process is little tedious but it is worth all the effort.

5.First download the new version of Android SDK (It should be ADB executable) from the official android development website.

6.Once the archive of the SDK is downloaded, unzip the same into any folder and remember it’s location.

7.Next connect the phone using the USB cable and enable the “USB Debugging” option by following the path “Settings > Applications > Development”.

8.Now, on your windows computer click “Start” and type “cmd” and press the “Enter” option.

9.After that go to the folder containing the name “adb” (\platform-tools folder) using this command:

cd “full-path-to-sdk-platform-tools”

(replace that to “full-path-to-sdk-platform-tools” with an actual path)

10.After that type the given below lines in the path of terminal window and press Enter after the each line:

adb devices (This command will check whether the phone is connected and will be in the correct mode).

adb shell – If you get “cannot find file” error and are using Mac or Linux, instead type:

./adb shell

pm set-install-location 2

11.If this too doesn’t work; then try the “old” command:pm setInstallLocation2

12.Press Exit option.

13.Now, take your android phone go to “Settings > Applications > Manage Applications”

14.Click on the USB storage or SD card to show the list of applications installed and stored in the memory card.

15.Tap on the menu button and select sort by size option. Now select the app you want to move to the SD card by tapping “Move to SD card” option.


Both of the above mentioned methods are worth and effective. Select the one which is convenient for you and move all the applications to the memory card of your android phone.

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  1. I search for the Android SDK (It should be ADB executable) from the official android development website, and selected top billing. Is this the correct page and link.
    Thanks Guy

  2. Even if i move app to sd card half of app remains in phone memory leading to low storage in phone .how to resolve this problem??

  3. Root your device and then you will be able to move almost all the apps installed using the Phone memory.

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  5. Well, if you have forgotten it, then you will have to format your device.

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