Tutorial To Root HTC Desire S Smartphone [HOW TO]

Want to root your HTC Desire S smartphone? and looking for the best tutorial to do that? Then you are at the right place. At below I have clearly explained how you have to root HTC Desire S smartphone.

Once you rooted the HTC Desire S device you will get more features on your smartphone. If you want to update it to any custom ROMs then this rooting procedure will help you. Because, you cannot update your android device with custom ROMs unless you rooted it.

HTC Desire S

Before you proceed to root HTC Desire S:

1.You are advised to backup your entire data which was available on your HTC Desire S.

2.After that note down your phone details like Build number (i.e Software number), Baseband version (Radio) and Hboot. Because, you never know when you will need them after you rooted your device. So, it is advisable to note down somewhere which you can find easily.

3.Then enable the USB Debugging option so, then you can root HTC Desire S smartphone.

4.If you have previously installed the HTC Sync on your computer then uninstall the same.

5.Finally, charge your HTC Desire S smartphone fully, or upto 75%. So, that it never get switched off during the middle of the rooting procedure due to low battery.

So, once you have followed all the above mentioned instructions you are good to start with the procedure to root HTC Desire S smartphone.

Required files to root HTC Desire S smartphone:

1.To root the HTC Desire S smartphone you need to have an unrevoked version of Reflash package. You can download the same from here.

2.Android USB Driver is essential to root any android smartphone. For HTC Desire S smartphone you can download that from here.

Tutorial to root HTC Desire S smartphone:

1.To root the HTC Desire S device, first you need to restart your device to H Boot menu. For that first you need to press down the volume button and power button until you see the H Boot menu or the screen.

2.Use the Volume down key for highlighting the H Boot USB. For checking the updates use the power button. Keep in mind that you should not use the touch buttons while the process is updating.

3.Now, connect your HTC Desire S to your computer by using original USB cable.

4.Next go to “My Computer” and do right-click and go to the “Properties” option. There just tap the “Device Manager” tab.

5.Just go through the list. You will find another option like android 1.0.

6.Now right click on that option and choose the software “Update the driver”.

7.Now extract the android driver which you have been already downloaded. Search for it and update it.

8.Now, the drivers for HTC Desire S will start to download.

9.After that again search for “Android Bootloader Interface” option in the “Device Manager” option.

10.After that disconnect your HTC Desire S from the computer and activate the USB debugging option in case if you did not enabled it until.


11.Next select the option “Setting” and “connect to PC”. There, you need to choose the options “Default connection type” and “Charge Only”.

12.Then again reconnect the HTC Desire S to the computer. Then click on “reflash.exe” to run it on the PC which you have already downloaded it earlier.

13.Run the reflash.exe as administrator and follow the on-screen instructions.

14.Then remove the device battery after copying the update.zip to the memory card.

15.Keep press the Volume Down button and insert the battery.

16.Highlight the recovery menu by using the volume keys and select the same by using the power key.

17.Once you have selected that option you can see your HTC Desire S smartphone is on the recovery mode.

18.Now, select the update.zip from the root menu and press the “OK” button for confirmation in case, if you want the update.

That’s it! Now, you have successfully learnt how to root HTC Desire S smartphone. If you want to check whether your device is successfully rooted or not; download the Root Checker app from Google Play Store.

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