How To Root Sony Xperia Tipo (St21i) And Install CWM Recovery

Sony released many Xperia phones in the year 2012. Each one of them are good in their own way. In the Xperia Series, the Xperia Tipo (St21i) is an awesome mid-range smartphone with elegant outlook and design. It run on the ICS 4.0 software.

Once you bought the phone, if you want to extend its features go for rooting process. In, this tutorial I’m going to explain about the same. Once you finished the rooting process by following my given below tutorial; you can able to install the special apps which requires root permission to access. And also you can update many custom ROM firmwares on your Sony Xperia Tipo.


So, let’s begin. But before start to follow the actual procedure don’t skip the given below pre-requisites. It is essential to follow before start to root the Sony Xperia Tipo smartphone.


1.First and foremost thing you have to do is; to take the backup. You need to backup all your internal stuffs which was available on your Sony Xperia Tipo smartphone.

2.Since this is a rooting procedure; it will wipe all your data’s. So, take backup of all data’s which you feel it is important and need that in future for further use.

Compatibility: The given below procedure is purely suitable for only Sony Xperia Tipo (St21i) smartphone. So, don’t try to implement the given below procedure in other variants or models. If you try to do so; it will brick your device.

What is the use of taking backup?

1.If you have a backup of your data’s you can reclaim the same after rooting your android phone. So, you will never loose your data’s and can enjoy your phone without any trouble.

2.If you want to backup your SMS,MMS,Call register etc.. use the appropriate backup apps which was available on the Google Play Store.

3.To backup your Contacts numbers just sync them with your Gmail account. Here, is the tutorial to sync android contacts with Gmail account.

4.Copy all your Songs, Files, Images and Videos to the internal or external SD card; so that it will be safe.

5.Don’t forget to note down your APN and MMS settings of your smartphone. Just go to the path Applications>Settings> Wireless and Network> Mobile Networks>Access Point Names; note it down.

6.Next enable the USB debugging on your Sony Xperia Tipo by following the path Menu > Settings > Manage Applications > Development > Check USB Debugging box. If you fail to enable this USB debugging option you cannot connect your Sony Xperia Tipo to the computer.

7.Next download and install the appropriate USB driver on your PC from here.

8.Finally, let your Sony Xperia Tipo to charge fully or atleast upto 80%. So, then the device never get switched OFF during the middle of the rooting process due to low battery. If it happened like that, it will brick your device. So, be aware.

9.Once you followed all the above mentioned pre-requisites you are good to follow the rooting procedure which I have given below.

DISCLAIMER: Rooting process will void your warranty. It have the risk of bricking your Sony Xperia Tipo. If any thing happens we will not be held responsible for that. So, follow the given below procedure at your own risk.

Instructions to root Sony Xperia Tipo:

1.First download this Unlock Root tool.

2.Once you downloaded the file; install the same on your computer.

3.Next connect your Sony Xperia Tipo to the computer via USB cable.

4.Now, open the “UnlockRoot.exe” file and click on the “Root” button.

5.Follow the instructions which was displaying on your phone screen. Once you come to the end of the instruction your device was rooted and you will receive the confirmation about that.

So, upto now you have learnt how to root Sony Xperia Tip St21i smartphone. Now, let we see how to install the CWM Recovery on the rooted phone.

How to install the CWM Recovery on your Sony Xperia Tipo St21i:

1.First download the CWM recovery from here.

2.Once you downloaded the file; extract the same on your desktop.

3.On the extracted folder, click on “install.bat” file and make sure that your device is still connected to the computer and the USB debugging option is enabled.

4.Like above, here also you need to follow the on-screen instructions.

5.Once you start to follow them the installation process will start automatically.

6.And at the end, the CWM recovery was successfully installed on your Sony Xperia Tipo after followed the few steps.

Incase, if you want to check whether your Sony Xperia Tipo is successfully rooted or not; just download the “Root Checker” app from Google Play Store and confirm the same.

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