How To Show Battery Level As A Percentage On Android Phones

Low battery is one of the major issue that users have come across in almost every android smartphones. Only few phones like Samsung Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy S III come up with the good battery backup.

It is somewhat difficult to see the exact percentage of battery level in some phones like Samsung Galaxy S4. In case, if you know the exact battery level of your phone, then you can disable the background date’s, reduce the brightness of the screen, etc., when you have low battery level.

A few phones like Motorola Droid Razrs put the battery indicator on the right side of the home screen by default. In case, if your device did not put this information on your phone, follow the given below methods to see how much battery level or charge you have left.

Show Battery Level As A Percentage

Some widgets like Battery widget by Elvison places a permanent icon on the home screen of your android phone. The battery icon color change will change depend on how much charge level is remaining. When the battery level is medium, it will change from green color to orange color. If the battery level is low, it will turn into the red color.

Procedure To Set Up Battery Widget In Android Phones:

1.First, download and install the battery widget from the Google Play Store.

2.Once, you installed the app on your android phone open the same. Now, the battery percentage icon was appearing in the notification bar.

3.Along with the battery percentage, you can see the additional details like the battery temperature.

4.Now, click the settings option. A list of options will appear.


5. Next select the indicator style and the size of the icon as your wish. Don’t choose large or extra-large icon because, if you do so it will appear just as a number and not a picture of a battery.

indicator-style-battery level-android phone

6.If you want to receive a notification such as LED blink or sound, select the alerts then add the alert and configure the options.

alert-conditions-battery level-android

7.If you want to place the battery widget on your android home screen, go to the widget menu and long press the battery widget. But in many android smartphones, the widget will be appear as a tab.


You can even check the battery percentage in the settings menu. Even-though it is not a convenient way, still you can check the battery status and turn off the unnecessary data’s running on your android mobile.

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