Unroot HTC Desire S Smartphone – Easy Tutorial

At below you can find the guide to unroot HTC Desire S smartphone. You may wish to do this for various reasons like Over the Air updates or you may want to send your smartphone for repair to the company shop or to perform any other task. At that situation you may need to unroot your device because the rooting procedure voids your device warranty. If you lost the warranty of your device you cannot sell them to others or send them to the shop for repair. Here is the best tutorial to unroot HTC Desire S.

When compare to rooting, the unrooting procedure for HTC smartphones are quite easy. This is because of RUU (Rom Update Utility). It allows you to flash the stock Rom on the HTC device without undergoing for any complicated steps.


Before you proceed to Unroot the HTC Desire S:

1.You must make sure your HTC Desire S smartphone is rooted.

2.Next you must backup all your internal datas. i.e SMS, MMS, Contacts, Call register, APN settings, MMS Settings etc.

3.Next uninstall the HTC Sync on your PC.

4.Enable the USB Debugging on your phone. So, that you can connect your HTC Desire S smartphone to the computer.

5.Finally, charge your HTC Desire S smartphone fully or atleast upto 75%.

So, once you followed all the above mentioned instructions head over to the next path where I have given the detailed procedure to unroot HTC Desire S smartphone.

Procedure to Unroot the HTC Desire S Smartphone:

1. First download the given below required files to unroot HTC Desire S smartphone.

a. Official RUU ?(This link gives you the list of ROMs. Pick the appropriate one for your device)

B. Revert Back to StockĀ (Android flasher)

c. Fastboot Drivers.

2. So, once you downloaded the all above mentioned files place them all in your desktop.

3. Next install the Fastboot drivers you have just downloaded.

4. Then extract the files from the Revert Back to Stock archive to your desktop.

5. Double click the android flasher file. It will launch the flashing tool.

6. Once it is launched, select your device from the given list.

7. Tap on the browse button given in the Bootloader section and go to the folder where you have extracted the files from the revert back to the stock archive.

8. Open up the FlashENGBOOT folder and select the file named engHBOOToverARX.IMG.

9. Then by using the power button turn off your HTC Desire S smartphone.

10. Then reboot your smartphone into fastboot mode. To enter into that mode you need to press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button together.

11. Now, choose the fastboot option from the menu and connect your HTC Desire S smartphone to the PC with the help of USB Cable.

12. Now, just tick-mark the box labeled “I’m already in fastboot” from the android flasher tool.

13. Tap the “Flash” button the process will start.Once it is finished, reboot your HTC Desire S smartphone.

14. After that double-click the RUU file which you have downloaded already (Don’t disconnect the HTC Desire S smartphone from the PC yet).

15. Follow the on-screen instructions. That’s it!

Now, you have successfully learnt how to unroot HTC Desire S smartphone. Here after, you will get the official updates from the manufacturer.

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