How To Unroot The Sony Xperia Tipo (St21i)

Are you rooted your Sony Xperia Tipo smartphone to update the custom ROMs or for any reasons? And now you face any issues and you are in the situation to give that to the service provider to rectify the error?

Then you must unroot the Sony Xperia Tipo before give it to the service center. Because, once you have rooted your device the warranty of your smartphone was void.

If you give your smartphone to the service provider without the warranty. They will not ready to do the service on your mobile.

Sony Xperia Tipo St21i

So, it is essential to reclaim your warranty. It is possible by unrooting your Sony Xperia Tipo smartphone. I have given the detailed procedure to do that at below.

But before start to follow that, I advise you to follow the succeeding pre-requisites without fail. Otherwise you may face any problem to unroot the Sony Xperia Tipo.


1.Make sure your Sony Xperia Tipo was rooted.

2.The given below procedure is applicable and works only on the Windows based PCs. So, don’t try to implement the same on other PCs.

3.Then download the Root Package from here.

4.After that let your Sony Xperia Tipo smartphone on charge upto 100% or atleast upto 80%. Because, if your battery power is low it may get switched off during the middle of the process. If it happened like that, your android device may get bricked. So, be aware of that.

So, once you followed all the afore mentioned instructions move on to the next section, where I have given the detailed procedure to unroot the Sony Xperia Tipo St21i.

Instructions to unroot the Sony Xperia Tipo St21i smartphone:

1.First download the Root package file on your desktop of your Windows PC.

2.Then unzip the downloaded files from the archive and place them on the PC desktop.

3.Then enable the USB debugging option on your Sony Xperia Tipo St21i by going to Menu>Settings>Developer options>USB Debugging.

4.After that connect your Sony Xperia Tipo to the Windows PC using original USB cable.

5.Next launch the root tool by double clicking on RunMe.bat file you have placed on the desktop.

6.If it ask you to choose the appropriate mode, then choose the normal mode option.

7.Next select the unroot option in the tool and again continue.

8.If any instructions appear on your screen then follow them.

9.Once the unrooting process was finished on your Sony Xperia Tipo smartphone, reboot your smartphone.

10.That’s it! You were done.

Now, you can give your smartphone to the service shop and fix the problems on your smartphone.

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