How To Update HTC One X Smartphone With Android JellyBean 4.2.2 ROM

The android 4.2.2 Jellybean update is not yet officially supported the HTC One X smartphone. But those who want to update this ROM on their HTC One X can now install the Cyanogen Mod 10.1 RC2 custom ROM.

With the help of the CM 10, now you can easily update your smartphone with Jellybean 4.2.2 within matter of 15 minutes. The Cyanogen Mod is the great firmware gives more compatibility to both old and new devices of different manufacturers. Many review showed that the CM firmware provides more features than the official firmware.

So, installing this Cyanogen Mod 10 into the HTC One X smartphone definitely gives more features. And also by applying this firmware, you can easily attain the full access to your android smartphone. Due to that you can easily install all the apps which you could not previously run on the official firmware.


Advantages of installing Cyanogen Mod ROM:

It will improve the speed and performance of your HTC One X smartphone.Sometimes the manufacturer installed the undesired or unwanted default apps into your smartphone without the uninstall option. By installing the Cyanogen Mod ROM into your device you can easily get rid of them.

It will increase the battery backup and visual experience of the android device.


The given below procedure is one and only for HTC One X smartphone so don’t try to implement the same in other models or variants. If you do so you may get unwanted results. And also by installing this ROM you will void your device warranty. For that we would not be held responsible or liable. So, do everything at your own risk.


Before start to move on to the procedure I strictly advise you to follow the given below pre requisites.

1.First you need to make sure whether your HTC One X smartphone is rooted. Incase, if you are not sure, then download the Root Checker app from Google Play Store and confirm the same.

2.In case, your smartphone is not rooted then follow this procedure to root HTC One X smartphone.

3.After that take backup of all your internal data’s including SMS, MMS, Contacts, Videos, Images, Songs, Files, APN settings, MMS Settings, Bookmarks and other things which you feel it is important for future use.

4.Next disable all the security measures like antivirus and firewall on both your computer and HTC One X smartphone.

5.Then go to Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging and enable that USB Debugging option.

6.Next download and install the USB drivers on your android device.

7.Finally, put your smartphone in charge and allow it to charge upto 100% or upto 75%. So, then it won’t get switched off during the middle of the updating process.

Procedure to install Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 custom ROM in HTC One X smartphone:

1.First remove the memory card from your HTC One X smartphone and insert it into the computer using a card reader. For this procedure you are not supposed to use a USB cable, since the Cyanogen Mod is not working properly in USBs.


In case if you do not have memory card reader then you can try this procedure by connecting your android smartphone to the computer with the help of USB. But I  recommend to use the card reader rather than USB cable.

2.So, once you inserted the card reader into the computer download the Android 4.2.2 CM 10.1.0 RC2 HTC one X endeavoru; zip file from here to your computer.

3.Next again download the android 4.2.2 from here to your computer.

4.Here, try to understand why am asking you to install Gapps in your Android device.Because, official Gapps are available only in the official ROMs and not in any custom ROMs (due to the licensing issues). Therefore, after flashing the custom ROM, you must install the Google Apps separately to your android smartphone. Importantly it should specifically available for your android version.

5.So, once you downloaded both the above mentioned files, copy them into your SD card. Give the folder name as “ROOT”. Don’t try to open this file; simply copy them and keep it in the root folder.

6.Now, remove the memory card reader from the computer switch of your HTC One X and simply insert them again in your smartphone.

7.After that allow your device to enter into the recovery mode by pressing the Volume down button and Home button simultaneously. While pressing these two buttons press the power button also at that time.

8.Once you done that, your device entered into the recovery mode. There you need to select the Wipe Data/Factory reset option. By selecting this option all your data’s will get wiped off.

9.Next again select the Wipe Cache Partition option. This option will wipe all the caches from your device memory.

10.After that move on to the Wipe Dalvik Cache option. This will wipe all the Dalvik caches from the device.

11.So, once you wiped out all the data’s and caches, you need to select the “Install zip from SD card” option and “Choose zip from SD card” option. This option let’s you to browse the file from the SD card.

12.Now, navigate to the root folder which you have already copied into the SD card. There select the zip file and flash it on your device. Again select the Gapps and flash it.

13.Once the flashing is finished, get into the main menu by pressing the back button. After that reboot the HTC One X smartphone.


Now, you successfully installed the Cyanogen Mod 10.1.0 RC2 ROM into the HTC One X smartphone. Thus, the HTC One X smartphone users can enjoy almost 90% of the Android Jellybean 4.2.2 ROM features.

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