How To Update HTC One X Smartphone With Maximus v4.0 Custom Firmware

This tutorial will assist you to update the HTC One X smartphone with the help of Jellybean based maximus v4.0 custom ROM firmware. Full credits will goes to the XDA developer Footbal who has come up with this method.


The Maximus ROM (version 4.0) comes with various goodies. Here is the few among them:

  • Deodexed
  • Rooted
  • Aroma Installer
  • Unsecured boot.img
  • RAM optimizations
  • Based on latest RUUS
  • General clean up
  • Deleted bloatware and freedback apps
  • Ability to choose any language you want
  • Added buysbox and many more………

So, if you decided to update your HTC One X smartphone with Maximus ROM to enjoy all the above mentioned features follow the given below tutorial. Before to start I would like to let you know about some warnings and the pre-requsites.

Disclaimer : The ROMs and firmwares given in this tutorial are belong to their respective developers or owners. If anything happens wrong by using this we would not be held responsible or liable. So, follow the given below procedure at your own risk. Don’t make an attempt unless you know what it does mean exactly.

Pre requisites to update HTC One X smartphone with Maximus v4.0 ROM:

1. Backup your datas:

It is always advisable to be on a safer side before try anything newly on your device. So, take a complete backup of all your internal datas which you feel it is important for my personal use. Even-though your data was lost due to any reason you can easily recover them all with the help of backup applications.

To save your SMS/text messages download the “SMS Backup and Restore app” from the Google Play Store and install it in your smartphone.

To backup your contacts sync them with your Gmail account. After updating your device with the new custom ROM you will join your Gmail account and can restore all your contacts.

To save the Call logs or Call register download and install the Call log and Restore app from Google play store.

To save all your important and personal informations like images, files, videos, songs and pictures just copy and paste them to your internal/external SD card incase, if you have that in your device or memory card.

To save the current internet connection (APN and MMS Settings) navigate to the following path “Applications > Settings> Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names” and note it down somewhere.

2. USB Debugging:

Next enable the USB debugging option in your HTC One X smartphone by following the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging”.

3. Rooting:

since this Maximus v4.0 ROM is a custom firmware you can only update this on a rooted device. So, first root your HTC One X smartphone by following the appropriate tutorial and then come here to update.

4. Unlocking:

Like rooting you can update this firmware only to the unlocked bootloader of HTC One X so then you can install this update.

5. Charge your battery:

Finally, charge your device fully or upto 75% so then it won’t get switched off during the middle of the process.

Procedure to update HTC One X with Jelly bean based Maximus v4.0 Custom ROM firmware:

1.Initially, you need to download the Maximus v4.0 firmware package from here to your computer

2.Once it is downloaded, connect your HTC One X smartphone with your computer by using USB cable.

3.Then copy the downloaded file into your SD card. Don’t keep that into the deep sub-folders.

4.After that disconnect your HTC One X from computer and then reboot it into your bootloader mode.

5.Then allow your device to enter into the boot loader mode by pressing the Volume Up button + OK button. While holding both these buttons simultaneously press the Power button. Incase, your device enter into the normal mode instead of bootloader mode you should try again.

6.Now, into the bootloader mode go to next and select “recovery” to enter into the recovery mode.

7.There you need to select “Wipe data/Factory reset” option. After that again you need to select the “Wipe Cache partition” option. This will delete all your cache data present in your smartphone.

8.After that again go and select “Install zip from SD card > Choose zip from SD card” and there select the one maximus v4.0 firmware package zip file which you have already copied into your smartphone and confirm the same for firmware installation.

9.Incase your device does not boot correctly or say gets into the boot loop mode then follow the same procedure again from the start.

That’s it now you successfully learnt how to install the Maximus v4.0 firmware on your HTC One X smartphone. Congrats!

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