How To Update MIUI V4 Android 4.0.4 ICS On HTC Desire S Smartphone

HTC Desire S is one of the most sold android phones in the market. It is a successor of HTC Desire smartphone. Eventhough, HTC rolling out the official ROMs to most of it’s android phones; the HTC Desire S not yet received the official update.

In case, if you like to install the ICS 4.0.4 update on your HTC Desire you can try the custom ROMS. In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how to install the MIUI V4 Android 4.0.4 ICS ROM on HTC Desire S smartphone.

HTC Desire S

Since, this is a custom ROM you must root your HTC Desire S smartphone to update. This ROM comes with many features which ultimately gives you better experience over your phone.

Here are the some features of MIUI V4 Android 4.0.4 ICS:

1.Android 4.0.3

2.Weekly MIUI v4 ICS


4.Virtuous Quattro & CM9 Kernel and LordClockan’s ICS

5.All apps are updated to latest market versions

DISCLAIMER : This is not an official firmware; so there is a possibility to go something wrong on your device. We won’t be held responsible/liable for that if any damage occurs on your device. So, follow the given below procedure at your own risk.


Before start to update your HTC Desire S smartphone with MIUI V4 Android 4.0.4 ICS you must follow the given below pre-requisites.

1.The first and foremost thing you have to do is; to backup all your internal datas on your HTC Desire S smartphone.

2.To backup the SMS,MMS,Call register etc use the appropriate backup apps.

3.To backup your contacts; sync that with your Gmail account.

4.To backup your Songs, Files, Images and Videos; just copy them all to the internal or external SD card.

5.Don’t forget to note down your APN and MMS settings on your HTC Desire S smartphone. Just go to the path Applications>Settings> Wireless and Network> Mobile Networks>Access Point Names.

6.Then download and install the USB drivers on your HTC Desire S smartphone.

7.After that enable the USB debugging on your HTC Desire S. So, that you can connect your smartphone to the computer.

8.Finally put your device on the charge and let them to charge upto 100% or atleast 80%.

If you followed all the above mentioned pre-requisites then go to the next section where I have given the instructions to update the MIUI4 ICS on your HTC Desire S smartphone.

Step by step instructions:

1.First download the android 4.0.4 MIUI V4 ICS file.

2.Next connect your device to the computer by using USB cable. After that copy and paste the downloaded file from your computer to your SD card.

3.Then turn off your phone and enter into the bootloader mode. For that you need to press and hold the Volume Down button and Power button.

4.Just follow the on-screen instructions and select the bootloader and then go to recovery.

5.Then perform the full data wipe and scroll down to “flash zip from SD card” and press the power button to select it.

6.Press the power button again and select the “choose zip from SD card” option.

7.Now select the MIUI V4 android 4.0.4 ICS zip file which you have already stored on your SD card. Use the volume keys to select that option and allow it to install.

8.Once the installation process is finished go to “+++++++Go Back+++++++” option and reboot the phone by selecting the “reboot system now” from the recovery menu.

9.The first reboot will take more time than the expected time so wait until patiently.

10.That’s it! Now, you have successfully learnt how to update MIUI V4 Android 4.0.4 ICS software installed on the HTC Desire S smartphone.

If you want to check whether the update is successfully installed on your device go to Settings>About phone. There you will find the details.

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