Tutorial To Install USB Driver On Any Android Device

In this tutorial, you will find easy steps to install the USB Drivers on your android smartphone.

If you want to root the android tablets or smartphones or do any advanced tasks in that you need to install the USB drivers in your computer. Many face the problem to do that; so I have decided to give the neat tutorial to install the USB Driver on any android device.

You can easily install the USB driver by using a tool called PDAnet. This method supports almost every versions of Windows and works well in all the android devices.

What is PDAnet?


So, do you want to know what does it mean? Then know that from here. It is an app which allows to tether the device’s internet connection to the computer. During the installation of PDAnet; it installs all the required drivers in the android devices.

Follow the given below tutorial to install the USB driver on any android device.The steps are very easy to implement. So, let’s start:

Instructions to install the USB Drivers on android device:

1.First, download the PDAnet file from here and install the same on your computer.

2.Next, go to the installation pages by just clicking next everytime; until a screen says about the driver installation.

3.In case, if you tried to install the drivers before, and didn’t succeed in that, the setup will give some options to uninstall them and try again by using PDAnet.

4.Click the Yes option when prompted. It may even allows you to overwrite on the previously installed drivers.

5.It will asks you to choose the appropriate device; if your device is not listed, then choose the others option and press OK.

6.Now, you will see a warning message which says “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this software”. Don’t panic; just ignore that warning message and continue the installation by clicking the “Install this driver software anyway” option.

windows+driver+installtion+time+warning 7.For your information; this warning message will popup many times and you need to ignore the same without any hesitation; until it stops the appearing.

8.After that, the PDAnet will ask you to connect the android device, then you need to do the same by using the original USB cable.

9.Don’t enable any modes in your device like USB Tethering or Storage. The driver installation process will complete within few minutes.

10.So, once the installation process was over; just close the PDAnet tool from the taskbar of your computer by right clicking the icon as given below. So, that it will never interfere with any other tasks you are performing.


11.Once, the driver was installed; now it’s time to check whether the driver was installed correctly, by using ADB.

12.On giving the adb devices command; while the android device is in USB debugging mode, you will see some message which implies it identified some device.

13.Alternatively, you can go to the Device Manager and there you will see a difference. Your device was listed as Android ADB interface as shown below.

14.Both of them confirm that, the USB driver was installed correctly on your android device.


15.If both the above mentioned verification fails, then you should again try to install the drivers by removing all the already installed drivers. For that, you can use the tool called “USB deview”. Just Google that and get that on your computer.

16.The main function of USB Deview is; it allows you to uninstall the previously installed driver and let  you to start over again freshly.

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