Update Official Android 4.0 ICS ROM On LG Optimus Black P970

The LG company launched the official android 4.0 ICS ROM for the LG Optimus Black P970 smartphone. So, in this tutorial you are going to see how to update the official android 4.0 ICS Rom on the Optimus Black smartphone.

The LG mentioned that; this software(official android 4.0 ICS ROM) can be a OTA (Over the Air) for the European countries which includes – Italy, France, Spain, Baltics, Hungary, Germany, Poland and Portugal. So, if you haven’t received this update (or if it is not released on your country) then you can manually update the same on your LG Optimus Black smartphone by following my given below tutorial.

official android 4.0 ics ROM

Since, it is an official firmware (not tedious like custom ROM firmware) the installation process will be easy just like ‘”one click method”. You can finish this Official Android 4.0 ICS ROM update on your device within a 5-10 minutes.

As this is an official firmware, you need not to root your LG Optimus Black P970 smartphone. (Only the Beta ROMs, and non-stock ROMs requires the root access). Moreover, if you are worried due to your device warranty was lost (warranty will void only you are updating the custom ROM firmwares on your android phone); now you can get back the same by applying this official firmware (Cheers!).

Pre-requisites to update the LG Optimus Black P970 with official android 4.0 ICS ROM:

1.Even though, this is an official firmware; it is recommended to take a backup of all your personal data’s available on your smartphone. It is always be safe than say sorry.  So, take a complete backup of your android phone by using the appropriate app.

2.You can easily sync your contacts to your Gmail account; so then it will be safe. Contacts are more important when compare to other data’s.

3.It is also advisable to note down the MMS settings and APN settings. To note it down just go to Applications >Settings >Wireless and Network >Mobile Networks >Access Point Names.

4.Incase, if you saved the Images, Files, Songs, Videos etc on your phone memory or somewhere just copy them to the internal or external SD card.

5.Next on your LG Optimus Black P970 smartphone go to “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging” and enable the USB debugging option. Otherwise, your computer never detect your device. Due to that you cannot transfer the firmware from the computer to your SD card.

6.Next, disable all the antivirus and firewall on both your computer and LG Optimus Black P970 smartphone. Because, this may interrupt the updating process.

7.Finally, check the battery percentage level on your android smartphone. If it is less than 75% put it in the charge and let them to charge fully. So, then it would not get switched off during the middle of the updating process. In case, if it happened like that, your smartphone may get brick. So, be aware.

8.Not but not least, the given below procedure is one and only for LG Optimus Black P970 smartphone. So, don’t try to implement this procedure on other models. If you do so; you will face many unpleasant consequences over your device.

9.Incase, you don’t know how to check your android smartphone model number just go to “Apps” on your phone. Then from there go to “Settings > About Phone”. There you can find your device model number.


1.Windows running computer

2.Obviously LG optimus Black P970 smartphone

3.Original USB cable

4.KDZ file

Disclaimer: Follow the given below instructions properly at your own risk. We would not be held responsible/liable for any damage occur to your device.

Instructions to update LG Optimus Black P970 to official android 4.0 ICS ROM:

1.First download the KDZ file from here to update the official android 4.0 ICS ROM.

2.Once you downloaded the file, connect your computer with the LG Optimus Black P970 smartphone by using USB cable.

3.Once your computer detected the smartphone connection; you should open the same as an executable file.

4.Once the application is opened, set the “Type” and “Phone Mode” to select the .kdz file in your computer which you have already downloaded.

5.The update should now begin, wait until the process is finished. It will take just 2-5 minutes.

6.At the end, remove the USB cable and reboot the LG Optimus Black P970 smartphone. The first boot might take some long time than the expected time. So, don’t be panic.

7.In order to check whether the official android 4.0 ICS update has been installed on your LG Optimus Black P970 smartphone; just go to “Settings > About Phone”.

Tip : In case, if your device shows the home screen or doesn’t bootup then remove the battery and reinsert the same. Now, your device will boot up into the normal mode.

8.That’s it. Now your LG Optimus Black P970 phone was successfully updated with official android 4.0 ICS ROM. Congrats!

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