Upgrade CM10 JellyBean ROM On Sony Xperia Tipo

Are you a Sony Xperia Tipo user? Not yet you update your mobile with any custom ROM or you feel bored by using the old ROM then you are advisable to upgrade your Sony Xperia Tipo using CM10 Jellybean ROM.

The peculiarity of Cyanognen Mod ROM is; it is absolutely bugs free and helps to increase the performance of your smartphone as well as improves the battery life of your smartphone.

Sony Xperia Tipo

The Cyanogen Mod ROM comes without the Google applications, so you need to install the Gapps zip file on your Sony Xperia Tipo once you upgraded that with CM10 Jellybean ROM.

At below I have given the step by step instructions for you along with the pre-requisites.

DISCLAIMER: Follow the given below procedure at your own risk we would not be held responsible for damage happen to your smartphone.

Things you have to do before upgrade your Sony Xperia Tipo with CM10 Jellybean ROM:

1.First take a backup of all your internal datas which was available on your Sony Xperia.

2.The internal datas include SMS,MMS,Call register, Contacts, Images, Files, Videos, APN settings, MMS settings etc.

3.To backup the datas use appropriate backup applications like Super Backup, Go Backup, Easy App Toolbox etc.

4.You can easily copy the images, files, videos etc are the external or internal SD card.

5.You can note down the APN Settings, MMS settings somewhere by following the path Applications >Settings >Wireless and Network >Mobile Networks >Access Point Names.

6.Then enable the USB debugging option on your smartphone by following the path Settings > Applications > Development >USB debugging.

7.Then charge your device fully or upto 80%.

Procedure to Upgrade CM10 JellyBean ROM on Sony Xperia Tipo:

1.First, download the CM10 Jellybean ROM update package and Google apps package from here on your Sony Xperia.

2.Once, you downloaded the aforementioned files extract the same and copy it to the SD card of Sony Xperia Tipo.

3.After that restart your phone in the debugging mode by pressing the home button + power button + volume down button simultaneously.

4.It will show you a warning message then validate it by pressing volume up button.

5.While your smartphone is in the recovery mode select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.

6.Now, return to the main menu and select “Install zip from SD card” option and select the CM10 Jellybean custom ROM zip file which you have already copied on your SD card.

7.Once you have selected, allow it to install on your device and wait until the installation process is complete.

8.Next again select the “Google apps package” from your SD card and install the same. Once the installation has completed return back to the recovery menu and reboot your Sony Xperia Tipo.

That’s it! The updating process on your Sony Xperia Tipo was complete. Now, you can enjoy the full features of the CM10 Jelly Bean Custom ROM on your smartphone. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Upgrade CM10 JellyBean ROM On Sony Xperia Tipo

  1. I’m pressing the buttons you said to restart the phone and nothing happens, even with the phone off

  2. first you need to root your phone, then unlock bootloader then flash this…. then everything will happen… 🙂