How To Backup And Restore The APN Settings On Android Smartphones

While rooting the android smartphone or updating the same with any custom ROMs, then it is advisable to backup and restore the APN settings of your android device. Because it is extremely important to access the internet on your android phone. Some modern devices comes with the features to configure your APN settings automatically. But if you are using the old version then you must backup your APN Settings.

In this tutorial, I have explained how to backup and restore the APN settings by using “APN backup and restore app”. If you are running the Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb and Gingerbread on your android device then this app will be perfect for you.


However, some android devices keep the correct values of APN settings eventhough you changed the ROM or do whatever on your android device. In such cases, it is not necessary to use the third-party apps like “APN backup and restore”.
This app is available on Google Play Store and it was developed by Ritesh Sahu. So, full credits will go to him.

Now, let’s see what the “APN backup and restore app” will do to backup your settings:

What the app will do?

This application is a perfect web tool; which allows you to export the carrier APN settings and after you changed the ROM you can able to reinsert/restore the correct settings.

1.In case, your device is running on android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich then you have to install this app as a system application. Once you downloaded this app; you need to place that on your SD Card:/sdcard/ApnBackupRestore.

2.Please make sure that the app is exactly placed in such location. In case, if it is saved on some other places you cannot retrieve your APN settings. So, do double-check while you save this on your phone.

3.For your information the app will save the APN settings as XML file. If you are make sure you are backing up the correct values tap “Backup APNs” option. Then save the settings and then press the menu button and select “Send by e.mail”. Next select your e.mail account and send the “APN save” to your inbox.

4.Once you finished the process of new custom ROM installation just tap “Restore APNs” option and select the latest save. Alternatively, you can open your e.mail (if you already sent the settings to your e.mail) and download the file and then place it on your device SD card.

At below you can find the separate step by step instructions to backup and restore the APN settings easily.

How to Backup APN Settings?

1.First download the APN Backup and Restore app from Google Play Store.

2.Once downloaded, install the same on your android smartphone.

3.Tap the app icon from the menu and select the Backup APNs option.

4.Enter the name for the backup file and click the OK button.

5.Once the backup process is complete, you will find a message on the screen with a close button at the bottom. Just click that button.

6.That’s it! Now, the APN Settings of your android phone is completely backed up.

How to restore the APN Settings on your android phone?

1.So, once you finished either the rooting process, updating/installation process of a firmware/ROM restore the APN settings on your phone.

2.To do that, first you need to launch the app on your phone from the menu.

3.Next choose the APN option from the main menu of the app.

4.Whatever backup you had will be showing on the screen just select the one you want and click the “OK button”.

5.The message will ask whether you want to run a duplicate APN test or not? Just say OK to that message.

6.Once the restoring process is complete, you will find a message on your device screen which says the APN settings are successfully restored on your android device.

7.Click the close button to complete the restoring process.

That’s it!

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