Tutorial To Root Intex Aqua 5 And Install CWM Recovery

If you are an Intex Aqua 5 user then you can root your device by following this tutorial. The best part of this tutorial is, you can install the Clockwork Mod recovery on your device. It is the easiest as well as safe method to root.

Rooting procedure helps you to update the ROM with custom ROMs, modify system files, install necessary apps, uninstall the unwanted apps, move the same to the internal storage to the SD card, etc.


1.First backup your precious data’s with the help of appropriate backup applications. The data’s include SMS, MMS, Call register, Contacts, Songs, Files, Images etc.

2.Also don’t forget to note down your APN settings and MMS settings as this is important while you start to use next time.

3.Then enable the USB debugging mode on your phone. To know how just follow our Tutorial To Enable USB Debugging.

4.Then charge your Intex aqua 5 fully or at least 70%, so that it won’t get switched off during the middle of the rooting process. Read our tutorial to know how to check the battery percentage level of your android smartphone.

5.And also you are advised to disable the security programs like Firewall and antivirus from the device as well as from the computer; as this may interrupt the rooting process.

6.Finally download and install the USB drivers of Intex Aqua 5 on your computer.

DISCLAIMER: Follow the given below instructions properly. We should not be held responsible/liable if anything happens to your device. So, do everything at your own risk.

Root Intex Aqua 5

Procedure To Root Intex Aqua 5:

1.Initially download the Bin4ry Rooting tool, CWM recovery and Mobile Uncle MTK tool from here to your PC.

2.Once you downloaded the above mentioned files extract the bin4ry zip package into a folder and place them on some folder, preferably on the desktop.

3.Then go to the CWM recovery file and rename the same into “recovery.img”.

4.After that connect your Intex Aqua 5 to the computer using USB cable and transfer the “recovery.img” to the SD Card.

5.Now, go to the folder where you have extracted the Bin4ry rooting tool and double-click on “RunMe.bat” file to open it.

6.Then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Select “1” in the device type and then your phone will be rooted shortly.

7.After rooted your device, in-case if you want to unroot your Intex Aqua 5 for any reason then select “x” instead of “1”. That’s it.

8.Next click the “Restore” option to restore your device and then the device will reboot automatically after few processes is finished on it.

That’s it! Now, you have successfully rooted your Intex Aqua 5. If you want to know, whether your device is successfully rooted or not just download and install the “Root Checker” app from Google Play Store.

Procedure To Install ClockWorkMod Recovery On Intex Aqua 5:

9.Once you have successfully rooted your intex aqua 5, it’s time to install the clockworkmod recovery. For that, first you need to install the “MobileUncle MTK tool” on your android phone.

10.Next, open the tool and tap on the “Update recovery” process.

11.Then browse the for the file “recovery.img” which already placed on your device SD card.

12.Now, you can see that the CWM recovery has been flashed on your Intex Aqua 5.

That’s it! Here after you can install any custom ROM or custom firmwares on your Intex Aqua 5. Enjoy!

39 thoughts on “Tutorial To Root Intex Aqua 5 And Install CWM Recovery

  1. My intex aqua not flashing cwm… When I goes to flash cwm… In recovery mode it shows only white screen… Blank white screen… Plz help me

  2. My intex aqua not flashing cwm… When I goes to flash cwm… In recovery mode it shows only white screen… Blank white screen… Plz help me.. What can I do to flash cwm….?

  3. have you installed the “Mobile Uncle MTK Tool” on your phone? If not then install it and then try again

  4. Yes.. I has already installed mtk tools on my phone… When u r flashing cwm in that process… It says me boot into recovery mode… I pressed ok… Then it shows only white blank screen… There are no option…

  5. i have successfully install CWM, but i use different method, i use SP flashing tool.
    Btw Is there any custom rom for intex aqua 5?

  6. I had rooted my Intex Aqua 5.0
    And problem is CWM
    can you post the process to install it through SP-Flashing Tool

  7. Hi there,

    Please visit this link to install CWM using SP-Flashing Tool (Procedure to operate SP Flash tool and all required details are available there).

    Here is the scatter file required to sp flash tool.

    Download the English CWM Recovery from here.

  8. i had rooted my intex just before 1 weak,now i again unrooted and the problem is that i cannot reset my phone and when i hold power butten and volume butten,a white screen is visibling without no respond…so i had to remove battery to reboot..what to do to recover this problem?pls kindly help me anyone…

  9. Tnx..I.have succusfully reseted..but now another problem that I had unistalled play store in order to enhance phone memmory while i rooted and reinstalled it then it self but prblem is that play store not opening giving massege force stop..what to do to recover this problem..pls help anyone…

  10. dear satish wolud u please advice me the root procedure for intexaqua 3g..is it possible or not.

  11. when i aplied usb debbuging its failed to found driver of intex aqua star 5.0 on my computer its says no driver found
    what to do
    i want to root intex aqua star 5

  12. Its not working, I’ve tried each and every steps mentioned above, but its not detecting my device, the page is stuck on now please connect your device, but my device is already connected with usb debugging enabled….
    what to do, please help!!!

  13. suddenly my Intex Aqua Power art showing password option to unlock the screen. I have never kept it on Security power option. Now inspite of trying all passwords it i not opening the sreen. WHat to do now? Tried rooting twice it does not help.pl advice & help.

  14. i successfully installed drivers…but the problem is its not rooting with bin4ry tool its not showing restore option in my device
    how to root intex aqua star 5.0 pl help i want to root

  15. Heyy..
    Sathish..can u tell me how can i root my Intex aqua N15…please…thanx in advance

  16. Hi,

    I haven’t posted a tutorial yet. Will post it and will buzz you here.

  17. Dear friend,
    I bought Intex Aqua Xtreme before 1 month. Before 1 week I press backup & factory reset option by mistake. After that action my phone got automatically shut down and automatically restart. I tried several times of hard reset by pressing Volume+ and Power key and thereafter all options. But no success till now. And screen didn’t response.

  18. I will publish a tutorial to flash Stock ROM on Intex Aqua Xtreme device so that you can fix this issues shortly.