How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Smartphone

This is the tutorial which explains how to unroot the Samsung Galaxy S3-I9300 smartphone to stock official firmware and restore the manufacturer warranty.

Obviously, rooting your Samsung Galaxy S3-I9300 smartphone give many benefits to you such as full admin access, remove the unwanted applications, add the necessary applications and allows the installation of many custom ROMs etc. But it will void your device warranty.

In case, if you want to get that back for any reason; then the only way is to unroot your Samsung Galaxy S3-I9300 smartphone. Full credits will go to the XDA senior developer, ashwin123 who have come up with this tutorial.

Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

So, the Samsung Galaxy S3 users who wants to unroot their device safely can follow the given below tutorial. But before go to the actual procedure I suggest you to follow the given below pre-requisites without fail, otherwise you may face any issues while implementing the procedure on your android phone. So, let’s start:


1.First of all I would like to suggest you to take a full backup of your android phone. Probably you did the same while you root your device.

2.Backup everything on your phone which includes SMS, MMS, Contacts, Applications, Videos, Files etc. If you have CWM/TWRP recovery then take a backup of that too.

3.Next you are advised to install the USB driver specifically available for Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. So, then you can transfer the files between your computer and the android device.

4.Then enable the USB debugging mode on your device to connect it with the computer and use the android SDK with it. (To reach the USB debugging mode press menu > settings > applications > development option).

5.Make sure your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is unlocked.

6.Then check the battery percentage level of your phone and if it is less than 75% then put full charge.

7.Then make sure your phone was rooted with the help of “Root Checker” app.

8.After that check the binary counter/flash counter your device and reset back it to zero by installing TriangleAway v2.9.0.apk released by the XDA developer-Chainfire.

What is flashcounter? Samsung created the flashcounter into their devices to track down how many times a user changed the stock ROM into the custom ROMs. Whenever you’re flashing a custom ROM, the flashcounter goes up and your device warranty gets void.

9.The stock firmware which I have given below is compatible only for the Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 device. So, don’t use that for other variants of the same manufacturer. If you do so; without any doubt it will brick your device. So, before start just verify your phone model number by going to the path “Settings > About Device > Model Number” and install the relevant firmware according to the country or region.

Procedure to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 smartphone:

1.First download the appropriate stock firmware to your computer.

2.So, once you downloaded the right firmware for your Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Smartphone extract the same to get a file with .tar.md5 extension along with some other files.

3.Now, again download the Odin3 v1.5. It will help you to install the jelly bean firmware. Extract this too to get Odin3 v1.85.exe file with few other files.

4.After that, allow your device to enter into the download mode by pressing and holding the Volume Down button, Power button and Home button simultaneously for upto 10 seconds.

5.While you are doing this a warning screen will appear. Then press the Volume Up button to continue to enter into the Download mode.

6.Now run the Odin3 v1.85.exe as an administrator.

7.Connect the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the computer via USB cable while the device is in the download mode.

8.Wait for few minutes until the Odin detects your phone. Once it has been detected by the Odin the ID:COM box on the Odin will turn into yellow color.

9.Also the added message will be displayed.

10.In case, the added message doesn’t come then try the above mentioned points by using another USB cable or try the one located at the back side of the computer. Again, if doesn’t work then re-install the USB driver.

11.After that, select the given below files that are extracted from the stock firmware folder to install on the phone.

a) Click the PDA button and choose the file with .tar.md5 extension.

b) Click the phone button and choose the file with modem in its name.

c) Click the CSC button and select the file with CSC in its name.

d) Click the PIT button and select the .pit file.

NOTE : Skip the steps b-d if such files are not found.

12.Make sure that the Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time check boxes are selected in Odin. At the same time; uncheck the Re-Partition option. Click it only if a .pit file is being used.

13.After that tap the start button in Odin. The installation process will begin thereafter and will take some time to complete.

14.Once the process is finished, a Pass message will appear under the Odin. The phone will then restart automatically.

15.Once the home screen appears, unplug the USB cable from the phone to disconnect it from the computer.

16.Once the phone is up, go to Settings > About Device > Status. If the status says Normal means the device is unrooted. If the status says modified then follow the given below steps.

17.Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S3-I9300 into the recovery mode by holding the Volume Up button, Home button and Power button simultaneously until the phone display on the screen.

18.After that do a factory wipe then select the wipe cache partition. Once you complete this action, return to the main recovery menu and select the reboot system now to reboot your android device.

19.Now, check the download mode again, if it says either No or 0 then the device can send for warranty.

NOTE: Incase, if the mode says “1” instead of “0” or “No” the device was having a non-stock kernel. Now root the device, apply the triangle away and then again flash the stock firmware. Now, the flashcounter will be zero but status might show modified. In such case, do a factory wipe and the device will be back to the stock firmware again.

That’s it! Now, your Samsung Galaxy S3-I9300 should be unrooted successfully and running stock official firmware.

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