What Is USB Debugging Mode On Android?

If you are an android user then you probably heard the term USB Debugging Mode. You can even see this name on the phone settings. It may sounds like a hi-tech option. But it is pretty simple and moreover extremely useful. In this tutorial I have come with the detailed explanation of “USB Debugging mode option”. It includes what it does mean? What is it’s use? and how to use on Android smartphones. Let’s start:

What is USB Debugging Mode?

In Simple Language, it is the option to connect android phones to the computer directly via USB cable. In Technical terms we can say that it is the good source to establishing the connection between the Android Software Development Kit (ie.Android SDK) with an android based device.


In case, if you installed the android SDK file on your computer and wish to use the same on android device then you cannot use that file until you have enabled the USB debugging mode on your android device. In addition to that your android device cannot be recognized by your computer till you enable the USB debugging mode option.

How does the Programmers create and test the apps for android?

Obviously, the developers cannot put the code directly into the android device. Instead, they utilize the Android SDK environment to code the apps on a computer and use the USB Debugging mode to carry over those applications to an android smartphone for testing.

Why it is important?

1.The USB Debugging mode is important if you want to root your android smartphone without having to use any command line as you can directly communicate with the programs.

2.It offer the full in-depth access to your android device with the help of Android SDK due to that you can do whatever you want on your android smartphone. For example: You can take the immediate screenshots, root your phone etc. In addition to that you can easily repair your android device without going to the service company.

3.It helps to synchronize the computer data and it’s contents to the android smartphone.

4.It is used for creating and testing the android apps before they launched in the market.

Where to Find USB Debugging option on Android Device?

USB Debugging Mode

You can find this option on your android phone by going to the path Settings; then applications then development. There, you can find the USB Debugging mode option as given in the below image.


You never need the assistance of experts to enable this option since; it is an easy process. So, enable this option whenever you want and disable the same when you don’t want. It is must to disable the option when it is not needed. Don’t forget to make a backup before try to root or update your android phone. You can get back your entire data’s if anything goes wrong.

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