How To Root Celkon A119Q Signature HD

This is the tutorial which explains how to root Celkon A119Q Signature HD smartphone. So, if you are a such user and looking for the best and easy tutorial to root your phone check out this tutorial.

The Celkon has recently launched this smartphone which comes with many awesome features which includes 5 inch touch screen display, Dual SIM, 4GB internal memory and 1 GB RAM, 2100 mAH giant battery etc.

To keep this phone fully under your control and want to install the root requiring apps, you need to root your Celkon A119Q Signature HD smartphone. At below you will find the step by step instructions to root along with the pre-requisites. Please be informed that the rooting procedure will void the manufacturer warranty of your phone.



1.Since, the given below procedure will wipe all your internal data’s, you are advised to take a full backup of them with the help of appropriate backup applications. Just sync your contact numbers to the Gmail; so then it will be safe.

2.Along with the internal data’s like SMS, MMS, Call register, Contacts, Files, Images, Songs, Videos etc. it is advisable to note down the APN settings and MMS settings of your phone, since the rooting procedure will wipe those settings too. If you note down somewhere next time while you are using it will be easy for you to start with that.

3.It is highly recommended to charge your Celkon A119Q Signature HD smartphone before start to root, otherwise it will get switched off during the middle of the process. If anything happen like that, your phone may get damage. So, be aware of that.

4.Then enable the USB debugging option in your Celkon A119Q Signature HD smartphone by following the path Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB debugging. It is very much important so then your phone can communicate with your computer easily.

5.Once you have make sure that you have enabled the USB debugging option, download and install the Android MTK6589 drivers.

6.Finally, disable or uninstall all the antivirus suites and security firewalls both from your computer and from an android phone. Because, it may interrupt the rooting process.

Disclaimer : The given below procedure is risky so follow every step carefully. If anything goes wrong we would not be held responsible/liable.

Procedure to root Celkon A119Q Signature HD smartphone:

1.First, download and install the Celkon A119Q signature HD Auto Root Tool from here to your computer.

2.Once you downloaded the above mentioned file; just extract its contents.

3.Now, make sure the android driver for this smartphone is installed on your computer and connect that to the android device via USB cable.

4.After that open the extracted content which you have already downloaded.

5.Next, find the bat file named RunMe.bat and double-click on it to run.

6.If there is any problem in running the file, do right-click and select the option “run as an administrator”.

7.Once you run the file, a command window will pop up and ask you to press any key to continue the process.

8.Do that and wait for few minutes.

9.The rooting process will begin on your Celkon A119Q smartphone.

10.Once the process is finished, it will restart your phone automatically.

There after, you can use your mobile to install the root requiring apps and custom ROMs. If you want to check whether your phone was rooted or not, just download the Root Checker app from Google Play Store.

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