How To Root HTC Desire X Smartphone

Hey guys! are you looking for the simple tutorial to gain root access on your HTC Desire X smartphone? Then your search is end here. Here, is an easy tutorial for you to root HTC Desire X.

HTC Desire X is a midrange smartphone released by HTC. After rooting your phone by following the given below tutorial you can easily install the custom ROM and applications which requires the root access.

Before start to follow this procedure you are informed that it will void your HTC Desire X smartphone warranty and also it is suitable for Windows-based PCs only. So, don’t try the same on other PCs.



1.First, make sure your HTC Desire X smartphone bootloader was unlocked from HTCDev.

Backup all your internal stuffs using the appropriate backup applications. Because, the given below rooting procedure will wipe all your datas.

2.Then enable the USB debugging option on your HTC Desire X smartphone by following the path Menu > Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging.

3.Finally, check the battery percentage level on your phone and if it is less than 70-80% charge them fully. Otherwise, your phone will get switched off during the middle of the rooting process due to battery low. This will ultimately brick your device. So, don’t take risk on this.

Disclaimer : If you do not follow the given below instructions properly anything will go wrong on your device; for that we won’t be held responsible or liable. So, follow this at your own risk.

Procedure to root HTC Desire X smartphone:

1.First download the Root Toolkit from here to your computer.

2.Once you downloaded the files extract them from the toolkit archive to your desktop.

3.Then double-click on the toolkit executable file and it should launch.

4.Now, connect your HTC Desire X smartphone to the computer using the USB cable.

5.In the toolkit, choose the Clockworkmod from the recovery section.

6.Tap the flash recovery option and wait until it finishes the process.

7.After that choose the Perm Root option from the Extras section.

8.Tap the run button and it should root your device.

That’s it! Now, you have successfully rooted your device. Here after you can install the custom roms, root requiring apps etc. To check whether your device was successfully rooted or not just download the root checker app from the Google Play Store and confirm the same.

8 thoughts on “How To Root HTC Desire X Smartphone

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