How To Root Karbonn A1+ Smartphone

This is the tutorial which explains how to root Karbonn A1+ smartphone which runs on android 2.3 Gingerbread. So, if you are a Karbonn A1+ user and looking for the best tutorial then check this one.

But before start to proceed I recommend you to read the tutorial What is Android rooting and its Pros and Cons. And also follow the given below pre-requisites without fail.

Root Karbonn A1+


1.I always suggest everyone to take a full backup of your android phone, before try anything newly on the device. Because, you are going to take a risk. If anything goes wrong and you are in safer side; then it won’t hurt you.

2.Backup all your SMS, MMS and Call logs into your Gmail. So, then it will be safe. To know how to do just follow our tutorial on “How to Backup the SMS, MMS and Call logs to Gmail”.

3.Note down the MMS Settings and APN settings of your phone either using backup application or manually by following the path “Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names ” since it is important when you start over again into that.

4.Copy the images, videos, songs and other stuffs onto your internal or external SD card or system.

5.Then check the battery percentage level of your phone and make sure it is not below 75%. If it is below then put them in the charge upto 100%.

6.Next enable the USB debugging mode on your Karbonn A1+ smartphone. Here is the tutorial to know how to enable the USB debugging mode.

7.Next go to Setting > security and enable the install from unknown source (skip if it is already enabled). Also ensure that your Karbonn USB Drivers installed on your computer.

So, once you have followed all the above mentioned pre-requirements you are good to go with the actual procedure to update your Karbonn A1+ smartphone.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible for any damage occurring on your device.

Procedure to Root Karbonn A1+:

1.Download the Z4root app from here.

2.Once you downloaded the file connect your Karbonn A1+ to your computer using USB cable.

3.Then copy the downloaded file into your SD card.

4.Now, install the app on your Karbonn A1+ smartphone.

5.Open the app and you will see a button “Permanent root”. Press that option.

6.Once the process is finished, it will reboot the phone automatically so wait until the process is finished.

7.That’s it! Now, your Karbonn A1+ phone was successfully rooted. Congrats!

Hereafter you can install any apps which needs root access and also you can install many custom ROMs and can enjoy its features.

If you want to check whether the phone was rooted or not; just download the Root Checker app from Google Play Store.


  1. This is not working in new s/w version of karbonn a1+, which have s/w v2.1.3 . Please help me to root this device.

  2. This procedure works fine in all s/w versions. So, try again. Just make sure you have followed all the mentioned pre-requisites and procedure correctly

  3. can you help me to root karbonn a12 android smart phone???

  4. can i update to android 4.0 after rooting.. pls tell me

  5. Hi sriram,

    It is not possible to update karbonn a1+ after rooting.

  6. I am trying many time to root my karbonn a1+ with this app z4root, then i press tha parmanent root buttan, its automaticali stop and not open agin.

    please help me.

  7. kanav anand says:

    my ram and rom is not increased after rooting

  8. Hi Kanav Anand!

    If you can’t increase the Ram of your Karbonn A1+ smartphone after rooting, try the given below procedure:

    1. First, download this file and install it on your phone.

    2. After that open it and allow the superuser permissions on your phone.

    3. Now, adjust the slider of the swapfile as desired and click Swap Active Button and wait for some time (Please be note that to create a swapfile this will take more time, so wait until patiently).

    4. After it is one you will have more RAM than before. There after you can able to run more games and apps on your phone.

  9. It takes approximately how much to root?
    can we connect charger while the process is on?

  10. What if by mistake home button is pressed?

  11. Gayathri Govindaraju says:

    No, you are not supposed to connect charger while the process is going on. If you are doing correctly, I hope the process will finished within 15 minutes.

  12. shashi bhushan says:

    Can I root kurbann a1 android phone? Please tell me…..

  13. Yes you can!

  14. heyy satish, how to root my karbonn a1+ ..plz tell me ..m boring use kernal cersion 2.1.1 …how to install JELLY BEAN..

  15. This is not working dude…..only some mobile phones (karbonn A1+) are support this z4root. and it show some virus (AVG) files

  16. Hi Murali,

    There is no virus or keylogger in this file as I have verified it manually. Concerning this issue, I am not sure what went wrong. Can you explain a bit further?

  17. Not root my karboon a1+. The root processing is not complete.

  18. My phone is restarting again and again.. pls suggest how can i correct or root it as i’m unable to install the software on the phone

  19. can i root my karbonn A1* new(4.3 jellybean)??

  20. i cant install some apps that i delete early and download again??

  21. Yes you can! And for your other query, you can always install and delete apps. There is no limit.

  22. Hari Kiran says:

    Not root my karboon a1+. The root processing is not complete.why…??
    Please tell me…??

  23. What error message are you getting?

  24. i am using karbonn A1 .it is Android 2.3.6 which is it possible to upgrade this in higher versions.if possible then plz tell me how to do this.
    plz help me. because it is not working properly.

  25. Hi,

    There are few ROM’s available for this device which works pretty well. I will post a tutorial here shortly. Watch out for it.

  26. itx nt working …it open and after 2 minutes closes automatically

  27. hey bro,when i am trying to download Z4root my windows defender detect some virus on it and not allowing me to open this file in folder ,how can i proceed further ?and if something goes wrong while rooting what will happen with my phone?

  28. Hi,

    Disable the antivirus and try the procedure. It will work properly.

  29. now when i click on the permanent root option it get busy for some time and then bring me back to the menu,no reboot ..and in next few seconds it shows a black screen and then for some time the z4root do not open..

  30. and also when i am going to reopen it it keeps showing me a notification that sorry Z4 stopped working unexpectedly

  31. Remove the z4 installation you have in your computer, reinstall it and then try. It will work.

  32. Manish Sharma says:

    Hey can i root my karbonn A1+ super using Z4root app. If yes then tell me the procedure please

  33. Aayush thakur says:

    i have tried z4 root and kingo root but nothing seam helpful .please help me and guide me how to root my phone

  34. RAMESH says:

    hey sathish please tell me z4 root app must installed in internal or external memory
    i think z4 root app is a virus bcas when i connect phn to pc avira anti virus scan and remove it from my mobile

  35. RAMESH says:

    please say me an other way

  36. Sathish says:

    It is not a virus at all. Deactivate your antivirus and redo the process.

  37. it works perfectly… thank you

  38. Karboon A+1 duple new version is not supporting to z4 mob please help me how to root my phone plzzz

  39. Shivansh says:

    my phone is restarting again and again 🙁 i can’t use it what to do please help :”(