How To Root LG Optimus L3 E400 Smartphone

This is the tutorial which explains how to root LG Optimus L3 E400 smartphone. So, if you are looking for the same then check out this tutorial.

The LG Optimus L3 E400 is a mid range smartphone running on Gingerbread operating system. It has some cool features like good touch screen quality, Adreno 200 GPU for gaming, 800+Mhz processor and many more goodies. Usually, all these features are lacked in the other series of mid range phones.


But if you want to unlock this phone and want to maximize its performance, then you can do that via rooting. In case if you are new to the android world and don’t have previous knowledge in rooting; then you are advised to read the following tutorial:

What is rooting

Pros and Cons of rooting

Pre-requisites to root LG Optimus L3 E400 Smartphone:

1.The rooting procedure will wipe all your data’s, so before start to implement the given below procedure you are advised to take a full backup of your android phone.

2.Use the appropriate backup applications to backup your data. To take a backup of your contacts just sync them with the Gmail.

3.Along with the data’s you are advised to note down the MMS settings and APN settings of your phone as this is important when next time you are using.

4.Then download and install the appropriate USB driver from here to your computer.

5.While rooting if any of your antivirus suites or firewall interrupt on the rooting procedure just disable or uninstall them temporarily.

6.Finally charge your device fully or atleast upto 70-80%. To check the battery percentage level of your phone just follow our tutorial.

7.Once you have followed all the aforementioned instructions you are good to go with the rooting procedure.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible or liable if anything goes wrong on your phone.

Procedure to root LG Optimus L3 E400 Smartphone:

1.First, download the Windows Root file or Linux root file depend on your convenience.

2.Once you downloaded, extract them into any of the desired folder.

3.After that connect your LG Optimus L3 E400 smartphone into the computer using original USB cable.

4.Now select your computer software and turn on the USB debugging option and wait until your computer detect your LG Optimus L3 E400 smartphone. To turn on the USB debugging go to menu>settings>applications>development>USB debugging.

5.Click the root file which you have already extracted.

“run.bat” for Windows

“” via terminal for Linux

6.Wait until the process is finished.

That’s it! Now, your LG Optimus L3 E400 Smartphone was successfully rooted. If you want to check whether your phone was successfully rooted or not open the app drawer and search for an app called “superuser”. If it was there then your device was successfully rooted.

Alternatively you can download the “Root Checker” app from Google Play Store and check for the same.

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