How To Root Micromax Bolt A27 Smartphone

Hey guys, are you looking for the best tutorial to root your Micromax Bolt A27 smart phone? Then your search is end up here. This tutorial gives the simple instructions to root your phone. As this is a trusted guide you can follow this procedure without any fear and I’m sure you will get a perfect response.

As I said earlier on my previous article, if you want to use the budget smartphones to their fullest, you must root them. So, at below let’s see how to do that.

If you are newbie must read : What is rooting, Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting



1. Since the rooting procedure wipe all your available data’s; you are advised to back up all of them before start to root. To backup the data’s many apps are available so take advantage of them to preserve your data.

2. Next, enable the USB debugging option on your Micormax Bolt A27 so, then your phone can communicate with the computer.

3. Next install the USB driver for Micromax Bolt A27 on your computer. Let the drivers to install them either automatically or manually.

a) Usually drivers are installed automatically when you connect your phone for the first time. Just connect your phone to the computer without activating any special mode like USB storage or any other thing. Wait for few seconds and you will presented with a setup to install the USB drivers. Wait until it get finished. When you connect your phone for the next time, you will see that all the drivers are installed one by one.

b) To install manually follow our instructions on “Tutorial to Install USB driver on any android device“.

4. Then charge your phone up to 100% or at least 70-80%. Check your battery percentage level by following this tutorial.

Disclaimer: Even though the given below instructions are safe; if you do not follow them properly it may brick your device for that we would not be held responsible.

Procedure Root Micromax Bolt A27:

1.First, download the Moborobo software and Unlock root tool from here to your computer.

2.Next connect your Micromax Bolt A27 to the computer with the help of original USB cable.

3.Make sure the USB debugging mode is enabled and USB drivers for your model are installed.

4.Now Fire-up the Moborobo application and there you will see a message “Your device is connected”.

5.Next open the UnlockRoot prgram in your computer.

6.Tap the green button saying “Root” and select your phone model from the pop up which is displayed.

7.You may see some prompts, just skip them and select your appropriate device.

8.After that again a dialogue box will pop up and ask you to reboot your phone. Select Yes and continue.

9.Now the rooting process will begin on your phone.

10.Once the process is finished your phone will get rebooted.

11.After that, open the app drawer of your phone and you will find an application named Superuser app.

Superuser app on android

12.It implies your phone was successfully rooted.

13.For further confirmation just download the “Root Checker” app from Google Play Store and confirm the same.

That’s it! Here after you can fully access your Micromax Bolt A27 smartphone and can install the apps which requires the root access or can install any custom ROM firmwares and can enjoy its features.

32 thoughts on “How To Root Micromax Bolt A27 Smartphone

  1. Our other users got resources for unlock root buddy. They succeeded in rooting. Please make sure you have the correct device model and version.

  2. Hey friend I have rooted my micromax a27 bolt and i want to install a custom rom of jellybean also i have downdloaded the rom but couldn’t find the tutorial to install it on my device..
    Please help me a way out.

  3. can you please even tell me, how to unroot bolt a27. I fear if any problem occurs after rooting, i can avail
    warranty cover

  4. I rooted my mobile to use apps on my mobile as I am behind the proxy. Rooting is successful but still I can’t use apps.
    Is there any method to use apps behind the proxy server…

  5. hello satish sir,im a big fan of u and i want to know that how i can play games like “temple run”on my micromax a27 bolt it is possibl?if yes then pls tell me the process sir…thankx sir

  6. yes, it is possible to play this game but after only you have rooted your device. For that first:
    1. You need to root your phone
    2. Then root your phone by installing the software like Moborobo or unlock root
    3. After that install an app called “Chainfire 3D” on your phone.
    4. Then install the games like adventures of tin tin, temple run etc. After that you can play them smoothly.

    NOTE : But avoid to install the games which uses accelerito meter sensor or motion sensor like racing games because Micromax a27 bolt has no accelerito meter sensor.

  7. hi there any other way to root my bolt..cause i got no computer..i hope u will help me..tanku sir..goobye.

  8. Hi Ravi,

    I don’t know any other possible way to root without computer. But I will look for it.

  9. my mmx bolt a27 is not switching on means it is not showing the locked screen after i made on. n how to root instead of dat…

  10. sir
    I am unable to download unlock root in my pc ,
    please support
    showing Error
    UnlockPhone_downloader_by_UnlockPhone.exeDownload error

  11. hello satish . i m finding problems installing the usb drivers .do u know websites that can wrk. i ve googled but cant find a propr one. and what action does moborobo perform.plzz replzz. thanks 😉 .

  12. I want know can i play vice city game on my micromax A27 when i root my phone can it is poosible
    Or without rooting my phone can i play vice city on my micromax a27

  13. Yes, it is possible. Root your device, get the apk of the game, install it and then play it.

  14. Hello sir i need a sort of help cause when i run the unlock root enabling theusb debugging the app says “FAILED TO GET SHELL ROOT, PLEASE USE THE SERVICE OF OUR PROFESSIONAL ROOT”. Nd sir nt only this ive installed moborobo on my pc and after that the unlock root doesnt find my device. sir i need a help….

  15. unlock root says that “failed to get root permission”.so what to do plz tell me

  16. Hi sir, is it possible to UNBRICK my phone, if it gets BRICK’ed while ROOT’ing

  17. Which device are you using? Let me know. I will provide a unbricking tutorial.

  18. hi satish sir.,
    im trying to root my micromax a27 bolt..
    but when i click root button in unlock root, it is showing a dialgue “no device detected, please know the right way to use”. Moborobora says my mobile is connected…now what i hav to do..pls help me…

  19. Also…tell me whether we have to check usb storage while connecting usb cable..or not

  20. Just follow the instructions given here. You will be able to root your device.