How To Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i Smartphone

This is the tutorial which explains how to root Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i smartphone. So, if you are the user of that phone and are looking for the best tutorial then check this one. You will find the easy instructions at below to root your phone.

Before start to proceed with this procedure on your phone, make sure your model number is S5830i and not S5830. A separate tutorial is available for that model. So, don’t try this on any other phone. Because, your phone may get bricked if you follow the inappropriate procedure in respect to device model number or variants. So, be aware of that.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i

Also you are advised to follow the given below pre-requisites without fail for successful rooting. Otherwise you may end up with any errors. So, let’s begin now:

Pre requirements:

1.I always suggest everyone to take a full backup of your android phone, before try anything newly on the device. Because, you are going to take a risk. If anything goes wrong and you are in safer side; then it won’t hurt you.

2.Backup all your SMS, MMS and Call logs into your Gmail. So, then it will be safe. To know how to do just follow our tutorial on “How to Backup the SMS, MMS and Call logs to Gmail”.

3.Note down the MMS Settings and APN settings of your phone either using backup application or manually by following the path “Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names ” since it is important when you start over again into that.

4.Copy the images, videos, songs and other stuffs onto your internal or external SD card or system.

5.Then check the battery percentage level of your phone and make sure it is not below 75%. If it is below then put them in the charge upto 100%.

6.Next enable the USB debugging mode on your Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i smartphone. Here is the tutorial to know how to enable the USB debugging mode.

So, once you have followed all the above mentioned pre-requirements you are good to go with the actual procedure to update your Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i smartphone.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible for any damage occurring on your device.

Procedure to root Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i smartphone:

1.First, download the root package from here to root your phone.

2.Once you downloaded the package,connect your phone to the computer with the help of USB cable.

3.Next, copy the downloaded root file to your phone’s SD card.

5.After that switch off your device and reboot the same into the recovery mode.

6.To enter into the recovery mode, you need to press the Power button, Volume Up button and Home button simultaneously.

7.In case, your phone do not enter into the recovery mode, you need to try until it enter. Otherwise you could not root your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i smartphone.

8.Once you make sure your phone was entered into the recovery mode select the option “Install zip from SD card > Choose zip from SD card”. It allows you to browse the file which you have already saved on the SD card.

9.So, choose the root package file which I have given to you for download and ask you to copy them on your phone’s SD card.

10.After that select the file and continue to flash on your phone.

11.Wait until the flashing process is finished on your phone.

12.Once the process is completed, select the “reboot now” option to reboot your Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i smartphone.

13.After rebooting, your phone will be successfully rooted.

14.In case if you want to check whether my phone is rooted or not; just download the “Root Checker” app from the Google Play Store and check the same.

That’s it! Now install the apps which needs root permission to access, or install the custom ROMs as your wish to enjoy the extended features on your phone and get new experience.

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