How To Root Celkon A98 Smartphone

The Celkon A98 smartphone is the latest smartphone released by the Celkon manufacturer. It has 512Mb internal memory, 32 GB expandable memory and runs on Android 4.0 ICS software. If you bought this phone and looking for the best tutorial to root this, then you are at the right place.

The rooting process will help you to install root-only apps and custom ROM firmwares on your phone. Please be informed that the rooting process will void your Celkon A98 warranty. But, don’t worry if you want to get back your warranty just unroot your device or install the stock ROM that’s it.


Now, let’s see how to root your Celkon A98 smartphone:


1.Before start to implement the rooting procedure on your device, I would advise you to read fully, understand what it is. Don’t try to attempt unless you don’t know what actually it is.

2.Also, you are advised to take a backup of all your internal datas, because this procedure will wipe out all your datas. Apart from this if anything goes wrong while performing this procedure you can easily get back your data with the help of backup.

3.Next, I recommend you to check the battery percentage level of your Celkonn A98 smartphone. If it is less than 75% then charge your phone upto 100%.

4.The USB Debugging option must be enabled on your phone. So, enable that by going to the path Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.

5.You must install the drivers for your phone using PDANET. Below is the step by step instructions to install the drivers.

DISCLAIMER : Eventhough the given below procedure is safe, it will damage your phone, if you do not follow the instructions properly. For that I will not be held responsible. So, follow at your own risk.

How to install drivers on Celkon A98 using PDANET:

1.First, download the PDANET from here.

2.Next double click the downloaded file (Please don’t connect your phone until I instruct you to do that).

3.Just continue through the installation by pressing next, until a popup appears about the drivers.

4.If it asks you to uninstall the previous installed drivers do it instantly. Otherwise, it will overwrite them.

5.Now select the “Others” option as given in the given below picture and select “OK”.


6.Once you pressed OK, a warning will appear as given in the below picture. Don’t panic, just select install anyway.

windows driver installation time warning

7.Now it’s time to connect your Celkon A98 smartphone to the computer using original USB cable and follow the instructions appear on the window. It will install the drivers automatically.

8.If the drivers installed correctly, the device manager on your computer will be like this:

driver install confirmation

9.If everything goes well then proceed with the rooting procedure.

Procedure to root Celkon A98 with the Bin4ry rooting tool:

1.Make sure the USB debugging option is enabled on your phone.

2.Next, connect your phone using storage mode to PC and Install the driver.

3.Change the phone connection to the media device.

4.After that download the Bin4ry rooting tool and unzip the same.

5.Run the RunMe.bat file (Do double click and do not run as administrator).

6.A green color command prompt will appear on your screen and ask you to enter your choice.


7.The number 1 is for Normal mode, 2 is for Special mode and X is for unrooting your Celkon A98 smartphone.

8.Since, our wish is to root the smartphone you need to enter “1”.


9.After that the normal mode is enabled, just follow the instruction on the cmd and click the restore option on your phone when prompted.

10.That’s it! Now, your phone was rooted. To confirm that open the “App list/App drawer” on your phone. You will find the “Superuser app”. It shows that your Celkon A98 phone was successfully rooted. Alternatively you can download the Root Checker app and check the same. If your Celkon A98 was rooted, it will show the status as “ROOTED”.

Root Checker app

11.Just in case, the above instruction is not working on your phone, enter number “2” at 8th step instead of “1”. Remember the option 2 is for Special mode.

12.After that continue the same process as I have mentioned above. Now, definitely your phone was rooted.

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