How To Root Samsung Galaxy Fit Smartphone

This is the tutorial to root Samsung Galaxy Fit android phone which runs on froyo 2.2.1. So, if you are using such phone and looking for the best tutorial to root it, then follow the given below procedure.


Pre-root Instructions:

1.Before get into the actual procedure, just make sure you have backed up all your data’s. So, then if you lost your data due to any reason you can restore them with the help of backup.

2.To Backup your SMS, MMS, Contacts, Call register use appropriate backup applications. Move all your files, images, songs, videos etc to your external SD card so then it will be safe.

3.Additionally, you need to note down your APN and MMS settings, so then next time when you are using you can easily start with that. To note it down, just go to “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Network > Access Point Names”.

4.Next check the battery percentage level of your Samsung Galaxy Fit. If it is less than 75% charge them fully.

5.Then disable all the antivirus suites in your PC before proceeding with this procedure. So, then it won’t interrupt the middle of the rooting process.

6.Finally, download and install the Samsung USB Drivers.

Disclaimer : Even though, this is a tested procedure if you do not follow the instructions properly your phone may get bricked. So, do everything at your own risk. We would not be held responsible for that.

Procedure to root Samsung Galaxy Fit:

1.First, download the Superoneclick package from here to your computer.

2.Once you downloaded the package, extract the same on your desktop.

3.After that remove your SD Card from your phone and connect it to your computer and wait for few minutes.

4.There will be several large buttons. The first button will be for ROOT. So, click that button.

5.Don’t disturb the phone or PC while the rooting process is going on.

6.Once it has been complete, you will be asked to run a test of it.

7.Tap the “Yes” option. The superuser will be installed on your phone and your PC will confirm about the rooting.

That’s it! Now, you have successfully rooted your phone. To confirm the same again; just go to your app drawer you will see the superuser app into that. Open that app, go to preferences and update the binary.

NOTE : Don’t install the ROM Manager on Froyo. Your phone may bricked if you try to use it. Also, never backup your ROM.

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