How To Update Kit Kat 4.4 Omni ROM On Samsung Galaxy Note- 2

Omni Rom is one of the great custom ROM for the devices which have not received the Kit Kat 4.4 update till now officially.

If your phone is Samsung Galaxy Note-2 (N7 105) and want to install the Kit Kat update on your phone follow this tutorial. It will help you to update your phone manually to Kit Kat 4.4 update.

Galaxy Note ii


1.Don’t forget to backup your data before update this ROM on your phone. So, then it will be safe.

2.Next make sure the battery percentage level of your smartphone is 60%. If it is less than that charge your phone fully, so then it never get switched off due to low battery.

3.After that enable the USB Debugging mode option on your Samsung Galaxy Note- 2 by following the path Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging.

4.Since, this is a custom ROM you need to root your device. So, make sure your device was rooted with the help of Root Checker app.

Disclaimer : Please follow the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible for any damage occur to your phone by following the given below instructions.

Procedure to Update Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7105 with Kit Kat 4.4 firmware:

1.First, download the Kit Kat 4.4 android firmware package and Google apps package.

2.Once you have downloaded both the files, connect your Galaxy Note 2 to the PC with the help of original USB cable and place the files on your SD Card.

3.After that turn OFF your phone and allow it to enter into the recovery mode.

4.To enter into such mode you need to turn off your phone first. After that hold the Volume Up button + Menu button and while holding both the buttons power ON your phone until you see the device entering into the recovery mode.

5.In case, if you have failed to enter into the recovery mode by trying this method, alternatively you can use the ROM Manager app.

6.While you are in the recovery mode, don’t forget to clear all the cache in your phone. Also wipe all the data by selecting the appropriate options.

7.After that select “install zip from SD card” and choose the kitkat zip file which you have already placed in your SD card.

8.After that again choose the Google Apps package which you have already placed in SD card.

9.Once you have selected the zip files it will take around 5 minutes to finish the updating process.

10.After that select the option “Go Back” and then choose the option “Reboot System Now” for rebooting the device into the normal mode.

That’s it! Now, you have successfully update your Samsung Galaxy Note- 2 with android Kit Kat 4.4 firmware. Congrats!

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