How To Root Karbonn A9+ Smartphone

Here, I’m presenting the 2 different rooting procedures to root Karbonn A9+ smartphone. So, if you are an owner of such phone then check out this procedure.

The Karbonn A9+ smartphone is running on android 4.0 ICS Operating System and comes with many good features. Although, it comes with some great features of an android phone it will not fulfill without rooting.

Nowadays, only minimum numbers of people are satisfied to use the android phone without rooting. Unless, you have rooted your phone you could not install any custom roms/mods or root accessing apps.

So, I would like to present the article to root this awesome phone.

Root Karbonn A9+

Instructions Before you Root your Karbonn A9+ smartphone:

1.Before start to root your phone, charge your phone up to 75% or more. So, then it never get switched off during the middle of the rooting process due to low battery. If it happens, this could damage your device. So, try to charge your phone completely, before initiate the rooting process.

2.All of us stored some important or personal data’s on our phone. By trying rooting process they may get deleted. So, before begin the rooting process, take a backup of all the data’s as you feel it is important for future use “especially contact numbers”.

3.Next enable the USB Debugging mode option in your phone by following the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging”. This is very much important so then your Karbonn A9+ smartphone can communicate with the computer.

Disclaimer : Please be aware that the given below rooting procedures will void the manufacturer warranty of your phone. Although, the given below methods are safe it may brick your phone, in case you attempt any mistake so liability will be yours. I won’t be held responsible for that.

Procedure to root Karbonn A9+ smartphone:

As I have said earlier, this tutorial has two different methods to root your phone. In the first method, Unlock root software was used. In the second one old but effective bin4ry tool was used. So, follow the one you want. According to me, the first method is quite easier than second.

Method 1- Unlock Root:

1.First download the Karbonn USB Driver for your smartphone. Once you have downloaded the driver, double-click the file so then it will install.

2.Next download the Unlock Root Software from here and double-click it, the software will automatically install.

3.Next connect your phone to the computer using original USB cable.

4.After that open the unlock root software and wait for 1-5 minutes. It will stabilize the driver, meanwhile it will auto-detect your phone.

5.Now select the Karbonn A9+ from the drop down list of auto detected device.

6.Tap the big “root button”. It will initiate the rooting process on your phone.

7.Within a few more minutes the process will be finished on your phone and you will be intimated by a success message. The message will be displayed on the screen of your computer.

8.After that disconnect your phone from the computer and reboot your phone.

9.That’s it!

10.Now you have successfully rooted your phone. Enjoy!

Method 2- Bin4ry tool:

1.Make sure the USB debugging option was enabled on your phone and Pdanet driver was installed on your phone.

2.In case, you not yet installed the Pda net driver download it from here. Since, it is an executable file just double-click on to that. It will easily install on your computer.

3.After that download the Bir4ry root tool from here and extract the same on your PC desktop.

4.Next connect your Karbonn A9+ smartphone to the computer via USB cable.

5.Now go inside the extracted bin4ry folder and double-click the runme.bat file.

6.One black command prompt window will popup. Press 1 and hit enter and wait.

7.After few seconds you will be asked to press restore option on your phone. Just follow that and wait for few seconds.

8.Now, your Karbonn A9+ smartphone will get auto rebooted. Simultaneously, the bin4ry tool will copy some rooting files like Super apps and SU binary apps on your phone.

9.During this time don’t touch your phone or disconnect the USB cable just wait and watch.

10.After some more minutes, the rooting process will be finished on your phone and you will be intimated by a success message in the CMD window.

11.Now, disconnect your phone from the computer and reboot your phone finally.

12.That’s it! Now, you have rooted your phone.

Once your phone was rooted, you can go for installing the custom ROMs, rooted apps, lots of music players, internal memory increasing app, GPRS speed boosting app and more.

5 thoughts on “How To Root Karbonn A9+ Smartphone

  1. Hi! I tried rooting my phone but the ”SUCCESS” pop up didnt go out. It only says ‘Ready’ under ‘UnRoot’ button. Then after I checked if my phone was rooted, the program says it didnt have proper root access? I dont get it.

  2. MY Karbonn A9* automatically shutdown & now its not getting on only KArbon Display showing.. As i confirmed from others they told me that my phone software needs to be updated.. so suggest me how i update my phone software. but actually its not getting on..