How To Root Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Smartphone

This is the tutorial which explains how to root Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 smartphone. So, if you are looking for the same then follow this tutorial.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 is not only one of the affordable smartphones but the phone with which you can make the most out of it.

Once you have rooted your Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 smartphone you can install the adobe flash player, custom ROMs, and can easily access the system level files. The best thing is u can hack every game.

Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

The only sad thing about rooting process is it voids the manufacturer warranty. But don’t worry you can get them back by updating stock firmware.

Please note that the given below procedure is working only on 2.2 and 2.3 android version.

Pre-rooting procedure:

1.Before proceed with the actual rooting instructions please backup all your internal data’s, so that if they were lost you can easily restore them.

2.To backup your Contacts, Call register, SMS, MMS messages use appropriate backup applications which were available on Google Play Store.

3.To backup your files, videos, images etc… just move them to the external sd card.

4.Also you are advised to note down the SMS, MMS settings of your phone by following the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks> Access Point Names”.

5.Make sure the battery percentage level of your phone is atleast 75%. It is necessary to maintain this limit so as to avoid from the battery calibration.

6.Don’t forget to enable the USB debugging mode option on your phone so, then it can easily communicate with the computer.

Disclaimer : Please follow the given below procedure at your own risk. I would not take any responsibility for any damage occur to your device by following the given below procedure.

Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Smartphone:

1.First, download the file from here to your computer.

2.Once you downloaded the file you need to place the same or transfer the same to the desktop of your PC so that you can easily find the same.

3.Once the file is downloaded and moved to the desktop, you need to copy the same to your phone. Please make sure you are not placing the file deep inside any sub folders, otherwise it will be difficult to locate them.

4.Now, connect your phone to the computer with the help of USB cable and move the downloaded file to your SD card.

5.Next switch off your Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Smartphone and press the middle key and power key (i.e screen on or off-key) simultaneously.

6.After that you will see a recovery mode. Please make a note that your touch will not work on this mode. So, use Volume buttons for going up and down.

7.Next by pressing the home key (middle key of your phone) select the option “apply from SD card” then select the file which you have saved on your SD card and wait for 5 seconds and select Reboot device it will take long time to reboot so don’t panic and don’t remove your battery.

8.After some time you will see a super user app in your apps menu.

9.That’s it!

Now, you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Smartphone. Congrats!

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