How To Root Spice MI502 Smartflo Pace 2

Are you an owner of Spice Mi 502 Smartflo Pace 2 smartphone? And are you eager to root the same? Then here is the easy tutorial for you which works fine.

Please be informed that the given below rooting procedure will remove the warranty of your phone, after that you cannot retrieve. So, think twice before you decide to root your smartphone.

Spice MI502 Smartflo Pace 2

Before getting to the actual process of rooting, don’t skip the given below pre-requisites as it is important for successful rooting.


1. First and foremost thing you need to do is; take a backup of all your internal data’s. Hundreds of apps are available in the Android market and Google Play Store, so choose the one and backup all your data’s.

2. Next, make sure the battery percentage level of your smartphone is atleast 75% otherwise, charge them fully.

3. Next enable the USB debugging mode option on your smartphone by following the path Settings > Application > Development > USB debugging.

4. Use only the original USB cable for rooting process.

5. Finally download and install the Spice MI 502 USB driver on your computer. After that restart your computer and follow the given below procedure.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible/liable for any damage occur to your phone by following the given below procedure.

Procedure to root Spice MI502 Smartflo Pace 2:

1.First download the Eroot app from here and extract the same on to your desktop.

2.After that double-click the file named eroot_v1.3.14 to run it.

3.A green popup will appear with Chinese text on it.

4.Now connect your smartphone to the computer by using original USB cable.

5.When connection is established, you will see your phone name and below that a Root button will there.

6.Once you click that button, a rooting process will begin and will finish within a few seconds.

7.Don’t distrub by pressing any key while it is processing.

8.Once the process is finished, just disconnect your Spice Mi 502 smartphone from the computer and restart it.

9.That’s it. Now, your Spice MI502 Smartflo Pace 2 smartphone was successfully rooted. To check the status of rooting just download a Root Checker app from Google Play Store. Otherwise, simply go to the app drawer and look for the application called “Superuser”.

If it is present on your phone, then you have successfully rooted otherwise you need to proceed the whole procedure again.

Root Checker app

So, once you have make sure your Spice MI502 Smartflo Pace 2 smartphone was successfully rooted remove the unwanted internal applications with the help of Titanium backup. This will help you to increase the RAM and internal memory of your phone.

If you want install the clockworkmod recovery and then for custom ROM and enjoy its features.

14 thoughts on “How To Root Spice MI502 Smartflo Pace 2

  1. Sir spice mi 502 usb deriver can not download it says that the page you are requested can not found please help me

  2. I wish to root Spice stellar Jazz MI 353 but theres not guide/tut available.
    Also i want to know how to reinstall my OS android 2.3.5 in the same device

  3. download d eroot 1.2.14 flle it shows 1.3.5 but after open it gives option to extract file when u do dat den u will find dat it 1.2.14 den click on it shows silver squre shape icone click on it a green popup shows .after dis crefully u turn on ur usb debugging in ur mobile den connect one end of usb to pc & another end with ur mobile then u see ur mo name & EROOT option then click on eroot option after few second ur mo has been erooted .after dis diconnect ur mo with ur pc & restart ur mo if u see a SUPERUSER in ur mo app dat mean u done it. i have erooted my spice mi 502.

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  7. i hv Spice Mi-502 i rooted my Device widout any prblm
    bt can i install ant other rom on it ?? if yes then How??

    n there is no recovry mod in this phone

  8. There are no ROMs available for this device right now. But, If i come across anything, I will let you know.