How To Root And Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (S6102)

If you are a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (S6102) smartphone user and want to root or unroot your device check out this tutorial. Please be informed that the rooting procedure will void the warranty of your device. In case, if you want to get back your warranty for any reason, unroot your phone.

Pre-rooting Instructions:

1.Before proceeding with the actual rooting instructions, please backup all your internal data’s, so that if they get lost you can easily restore them.

2.To backup your Contacts, Call register, SMS, MMS messages use the Helium application.

3.To backup your files, videos, images, etc., just move them to the external SD card.

4.Also you are advised to note down the SMS, MMS settings of your phone by following the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks> Access Point Names”.

5.Make sure the battery percentage level of your phone is at least 75%. It is necessary to maintain this limit to avoid from the battery calibration.

6.Download Galaxy Y Duos USB Driver and install it on your computer.

7.Don’t forget to enable the USB debugging mode option on your phone, so that it can easily communicate with the computer.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible/liable for any damage occur to your phone by following the given below procedure.

Root Or Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (S6102) Smartphone:

1.First, download the rooting file from here to your computer.

2.Once you downloaded the files copy the same into your SD card.

3.Next turn off your phone.

4.Next press and hold the Power button, Volume Up button and Home button until the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos logo appears.

5.Now enter into the recovery mode. In there select “Apply Update from SD card” and choose the file “” (Step 2). To select the option use the home button, to scroll use the volume up and down keys.

6.Next confirm the selection by saying “Yes” to the process and wait for few minutes until the process is finished.

7.That’s it!

8.Now, you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos smartphone.

Video Tutorial:

Note : If you have any problem after rooting like – no sounds from speaker, SD card is not recognized etc., you need to unroot. Follow the given below procedure for that.

Procedure To Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (S6102) smartphone:

1.Download the Unroot file from here to your computer.

2.Next uninstall all the rooted apps.

3.Do the same procedure as did before (rooting your device) but this time instead of select “”.

Video Tutorial

That’s it! Your device was now unrooted.

If you encounter any errors while following these tutorials, do let me know via comments.

46 thoughts on “How To Root And Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (S6102)

  1. I rooted it. and successfully restarted. but after the battery got empty, I can’t turn it on now.

  2. Hi Sathish,

    Could you please provide me the link to download custom rom(jellybean) for Y duos ?

  3. To Root Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, the rooting file is saying as “Sorry, this file is infected with a virus”.
    can you provide link for rooting file Galaxy Y Duos.

  4. hello can you help me how can i remove kitkat? i want to use the original version thank you very much

  5. Hi,
    While clicking on ‘Apply update from SD card’, I got message as E:/can’t mount SD card.
    I tried it without SD card, got the same message again. I think the device is not recognizing the SD card.
    Please help me with it.

  6. Hi the problem is I am unable to start my device as it stuck on boot screen . My friend give me a rim and informed me to install it but it still not helped. I love this device and i dp hv some other phones too. So can you suggest me what do I do as wven odin not detecting the phone.. need help as I am not a Android expert..

  7. Also buddy the is not installing in the os can you assist as worked as per you are saying in the portal but nothing helped. I do have screenshots if you want send me mail in

  8. If Odin is not detecting the phone, then obviously your device driver is not installed in the computer. Install it and try again!

  9. while rooting process i can’t find the “” file. where is it? please tell me sir………

  10. I can’t download the file says it is infected upload it again please

  11. Deactivate antivirus and try to download again. The file is not infected at all!

  12. when i go to the site it says virus may affected the file. u can’t download this only the owner is able to do so.

  13. sir, I want a help from you to get download link rooting file for Samsung galaxy y duos gt s6102.

  14. Sir, give me link that i can use to unroot kitkat from samsung galaxy y duos GT-S6102B.. nid it ASAP, Thank You.

  15. Yes, you can by using software’s like iRoot, KingoRoot. But if you flash stock ROM to unroot your device, then you will lose your custom ROM as well.

  16. your rooting files are infected google drive is giving msg thar file is infected and only owner can download infected files aur mein java mobile se download kar raha huin ismen to antivirus bhi nahin hai so reupload those files for samsung duos y