How To Increase RAM And Internal Memory In Micromax A35 Bolt

If you are a Micromax A35 Bolt user and worried due to low internal memory check out this article. This helps you to increase the RAM as well as the internal memory of your phone.

But to follow this tutorial your phone must be rooted. So, if you were not yet rooted your Micromax phone do that by following the right tutorial and then come here.

How To Increase RAM And Internal Memory

Once you have rooted your phone you need to partition the SD card using MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Next you need to increase the RAM:

For that I have given 3 processes:

Procedure 1:

1.First download the Busybox apk from here and install it.

2.Next open the apk and allow the superuser if requested.

3.Then click the install button that was provided at the bottom of the apk.

4.Next download the RAM increaser from here and install in your Micromax phone.

5.After it get installed just go to your home screen no need to open this app.

6.In the home screen do long press > Add the widget and choose the newly installed app widget.

7.It is just like a button, click that once you free up your RAM.

8.Before starting any games in your phone, always give a click to this button.

Procedure 2:

1.First download and install the Swapper 2 from here.

2.After that open it.

3.Go to settings and select “Run Swapper on Startup”.

4.Select swap size and swappiness.

5.Tick the safe unmount and safe remount option.

6.Go to advance preferences select “Use Swap Partition” and last tick recreates swap file and reformat the swap.

7.Whenever you want to play a game just open swapper 2 it will convert your SD card swap partition into the virtual RAM.

Procedure 3:

1.First download and install the Link2Sd from here.

2.Once you have installed the Link2Sd, open it.

3.It will ask for a partition, select ext 2. After that, your phone will be rebooted.

4.Then select the filter icon and choose “User”.

5.Select all the user apps and create the link.

6.In create link select all three and tap OK option.

7.It will take sometime and link all your apps to the SD card and free up your phone internal memory.

8.After that Go to Settings and tick Auto link.

9.Then choose auto link settings, select all three.

10.That’s it.

11.Now install and play HD games in your phone and Enjoy.

The above-mentioned processes are worked successfully on given below devices also:

(a)Micromax A87 Ninja.

(b)Micromax A27 Bolt

(c)Micromax A72 Canvas Viva

(d)Samsung Galaxy Y Duos/Lite

(e)Samsung Galaxy Ace

31 thoughts on “How To Increase RAM And Internal Memory In Micromax A35 Bolt

  1. How to check RAM and processor version on Micromax doodle 3.I cannot find the necessary option in ‘about phone’ option and also I don’t have task manager option in my phone either.
    Please let me know how to check RAM and processor version?
    It’s mentioned on the box but I need to know how to check it on the device?

  2. sir’ how to increase my micromax a35 so i want to know how to increase my android version like jellbean’kitkat so plz tell me my phone is already rooted

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  4. You can’t increase RAM just like that. I don’t think its possible for your device at all.

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    I rooted my phone, when started in recovery mod unable to see adavance option.
    Awaiting for your quick reply.
    Thanks a lot.

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    I cannot install apps . Insufficient storage error .
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  9. Hi,

    I think you should root your device, so that you can install system app remover and remove the unwanted apps to get back storage space. If you would like to get tutorial for that. Let me know.

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