How To Partition the SD Card Using MiniTool Partition Wizard

This tutorial explains how to partitioning the SD card using MiniTool Partition Wizard. Partitioning the SD card helps to increase the internal memory and RAM of your phone.



1.First download the MiniTool Partition Wizard from here.

2.Next pull the SD card from the phone, insert into the USB SD card reader.

3.Windows will inform about the new drive, and the content of the drive is visible.

4.Next backup all your data and format the SD card.


1.This procedure deletes everything on the SD card, so backup your internal data’s first.

2.Make sure you are deleting the partition on the SD card and not on the hard drive.

3.In this tool, you will see grey icons on the bottom. Under each of them the capacity of each drive is listed, and SD card has the slightly different icon.

4.Hard drives on the screenshot have 465.8 GB and 74.5 GB and on the bottom the SD card with 3.8 GB capacity.


5.If you have 2 GB or smaller card select “File System:” FAT

6.If you have 4 GB or greater card select “File System:” FAT


Create all partition as primary

Select “File System:” ext2-for App2SD and

Select “File System:” swap to make swap.


7.Finally, click on apply button on top left corner.

8.That’s it! Now you have successfully partitioned the SD card.

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