How To Root Cherry Mobile Click

Cherry Mobile is one of the cheapest Android phones developed in the Philippines. In this tutorial, you will learn how to root Cherry Mobile Click Android smartphone. For your kind information, this procedure will void the warranty of your phone. So, think twice before you have decided to root your phone.

Cherry Mobile CLICK

Pre requisites:

1.Since rooting procedure deletes all your data’s, you are recommended to take a full backup of your data’s which includes SMS, MMS, Contacts, Call register, Images, Files, Songs, Videos, etc.

2.In addition to that, you are advised to note down the APN settings and MMS settings of your phone. This is very much essential next time when you start to use that after finishing the rooting procedure.

3.Then enabling the USB debugging option is very much important so, and then your Cherry Mobile phone can communicate with your computer easily. So, enable that option in your phone.

4.If you don’t know where to go and how to enable that. Just visit this tutorial and learn from there.

5.The battery percentage level of your phone was at least 70-80% so, check its level before try to root your device.

Disclaimer: The rooting procedure will brick your phone in case, if you do not follow the procedure properly. So, do at your own risk. I would not take any responsibility or liability for that.

Procedure to root Cherry Mobile Click:

1.First download the rooting tool from here to your computer.

2.This root tool file contains PdaNet for Windows 7/8/XP & Vista with root and restores by Bin4ry.

3.Once you downloaded unzip the file by using Winrar.

4.After that put everything into one folder.

5.For Windows 7/8 Vista, after unzipping right-clicks RunMe then click on Properties > Compatibility > Check Compatibility and set it to Windows XP SP3 and then press OK.

6.Make sure the USB debugging option was enabled on your mobile. After that also enable “Stay Awake” option for you to be able to see if your phone is responsive. (Please don’t connect your mobile to the PC until you are prompted).

7.Next in your computer, double-click the PdaNetA4126 and continue with the installation until you see the pop-up message like this:

8.Select others and click OK.

9.If prompted, a warning message will popup on your computer that says “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software.”

10.Just click “Install this driver software anyway”.

11.Now, the PdaNet will ask you to connect your phone to the computer. Do that using original USB cable but don’t enable the options like USB storage and others.

12.Allow the driver to install, don’t do anything until the driver installation is complete.

13.Once it is finished, double-click the RunMe.bat file in your computer.

14.Now, a command prompt window will appear. Press 1 and hit enter. This option is to root your phone.

15.In the case for any reason if you want to unroot your phone, type ‘X’ instead of 1 and hit enter.

16.Once the rooting process is finished, click the “Restore my Data” option in your phone. This will reboot your mobile. Just wait until it is fully ready.

That’s it! Now, your Cherry Mobile Click was rooted. To check the status, just download the Root Checker app from Google Play Store.

Entering the password is unnecessary, just hit “Restore my data” before it reboots itself. In case, your phone reboots by itself, just pull out the battery and putting it back and re-install/re-run everything from the start for another fresh root process.

Because, your phone and drivers may not be responsive after failure of attempt and you may also fail to root without doing it. It may also brick your phone.

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