How To Root LG Optimus LTE SU640 And Install ClockWorkMod Recovery

If you are an LG Optimus LTE SU640 smartphone user and want to root your device, check out this article.

This article is intended to root LG Optimus LTE SU640 smartphone only. So, don’t try in other variants.

This procedure voids the manufacturer warranty of your smartphone. So, think twice before you start to root your device.



1.First check your phone model number (SU640) by following the path Settings → About Device → Model Number

2.Then check the battery percentage level of your smartphone and make sure it is not less than 70%.

3.Then ensure you have backup all your important data’s so then you can restore them once you have finished the rooting process.

Downloading links:

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Jelly Bean Recovery

Disclaimer :
Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. I would not be held responsible/liable for any damage of your device.


1.Make sure you have installed the latest LG drivers.

2.Turn on the USB Debugging option in Settings/Developers option.

3.Now, connect the phone with the computer a pop-up window appears on the phone, select LG Software there.

4.After that go to the root v30c folder and run the bat file and press any key to continue the process.

5.Now, a message will appear on the running window.

6.After that disconnect your device from the computer and turn off the debugging mode for 5 seconds.

7.Now, turn on the debugging mode again and connect the phone to the computer and press any key to continue.

8.If everything goes fine, you will see a message that a mobile was rooted.


Procedure to install ClockworkMod recovery in your rooted mobile:

1.First run the “run me.bat” file placed in the downloaded folder.

2.If everything goes fine, you will see some numbers in and out. If it is so, you have installed the recovery successfully.

3.After few seconds, your mobile will reboot and go to the recovery.

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